Web2.0 Prophets

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Did you know that web2.0 allows you to earn money as a prophet? This is not a joke, but there's a catch. At GuessNow you can practice your prophet skills and by predicting future events you can earn money.

How does this work? Website offers monthly Prize Pool, currently $4.000 and another Bonus Prize Pool of $6.000. As a prophet, you can choose your favorite category like sports, business, entertainment, people and choose one of the answers on many questions in that category about some future event. If you have your own future event not displayed, you can create it yourself. For every correct answer you earn points. You can even earn points with wrong answers and even by answering questions about event that already happened!

So, what's the catch? Well, these days everyone is a prophet. Since Prize is awarded once a month to everyone according to amount of points, you get money for your points. Let's do the math. Right now there are 17.000.000 points earn among all prophets. On leader board first place is a prophet who answered on more than 1.000 questions. He has points for $9! Also he will get paid only after reaching $25 level.

Conclusion: Becoming a prophet is NOT the good business2.0

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Raising Funds online

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Fundable organization offers web 2.0 type service of raising funds online. Each project has a description with or without related images and amount of money needed and deadline. If money is collected before deadline, pledges become real payments and project owner receives money via Paypal or check.

Raising funds and money online

If collection expires before reaching total, all pledges are deleted and Fundable never charges money. This acts like risk control mechanism. Starting a collection or making a pledge is completely free. You can browse to see what kind of reason people have to participate in online raising funds.

Also collection author is not prevented from contributing himself to meet his own goal. You can consider doing so if you are close to your total and time is running out.

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Digg + PhotoBucket = PhotoDigg ???

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Photobucket have created Digg channel using Digg API (application programming interface). This allows new features and members can submit content to Digg now directly from Photobucket. Actually, photodigg.com has expired few days ago and it is parked free.

Anyway, after integration with MetaCafe, video sharing community, Digg has involved into photos sharing community also, which covers fine piece of online content. Both companies will benefit from this deal, that's sure but also will bloggers.

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Star Wars Social Network

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Few things in popular culture are so much famous as Star Wars are. Millions of fanatics from around the world, people of all ages, status and believes have that special place in their hearts, reserved for Star Wars saga.

Also, there are only few of them out there who haven't try to monetize this special relationship between followers and saga. Latest who is trying to do the same thing is Yahoo, by creating Star Wars Social Network.

You can do almost anything you ever dreamed about your Star Wars heroes. User generated content is essential for reaching that goal of making new never ending money making machine. Yahoo deduction is great. If people love saga for 30 years until today, there is no reason why they won't like it for another 30 years.

But, wait! Maybe that was a mistake? Maybe they should make Marx Brothers social network world? That's guarantied love for the next 100 years !

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Flanture is Flash Adventure

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Flanture is short for Flash Adventure. This is actually combination of two different but complementary blogs.

First Flanture I is mostly about Flash games, flash mobile games and programming in flash lite for mobile devices.

Second Flanture II includes more RIA stuff like Flex, ActionScript3.0 and new Adobe Integrated Runtime, known as AIR.

Choice is yours.


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Pottermania is everywhere. Planet is in danger. People don't eat, don't drink, they wait in long lines just to read a book. Funny.


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Take-Two software has decided to suspend "Manhunt2" video game. The game is too violent for players.