Star Wars Social Network

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Few things in popular culture are so much famous as Star Wars are. Millions of fanatics from around the world, people of all ages, status and believes have that special place in their hearts, reserved for Star Wars saga.

Also, there are only few of them out there who haven't try to monetize this special relationship between followers and saga. Latest who is trying to do the same thing is Yahoo, by creating Star Wars Social Network.

You can do almost anything you ever dreamed about your Star Wars heroes. User generated content is essential for reaching that goal of making new never ending money making machine. Yahoo deduction is great. If people love saga for 30 years until today, there is no reason why they won't like it for another 30 years.

But, wait! Maybe that was a mistake? Maybe they should make Marx Brothers social network world? That's guarantied love for the next 100 years !

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