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Did you know that web2.0 allows you to earn money as a prophet? This is not a joke, but there's a catch. At GuessNow you can practice your prophet skills and by predicting future events you can earn money.

How does this work? Website offers monthly Prize Pool, currently $4.000 and another Bonus Prize Pool of $6.000. As a prophet, you can choose your favorite category like sports, business, entertainment, people and choose one of the answers on many questions in that category about some future event. If you have your own future event not displayed, you can create it yourself. For every correct answer you earn points. You can even earn points with wrong answers and even by answering questions about event that already happened!

So, what's the catch? Well, these days everyone is a prophet. Since Prize is awarded once a month to everyone according to amount of points, you get money for your points. Let's do the math. Right now there are 17.000.000 points earn among all prophets. On leader board first place is a prophet who answered on more than 1.000 questions. He has points for $9! Also he will get paid only after reaching $25 level.

Conclusion: Becoming a prophet is NOT the good business2.0

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Anonymous - 16 December 2007 at 12:52

send me your offer, please

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Do you accept articles about programming and/or tutorials?

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