You Are Magazine Cover Story

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Your dream is to become famous Magazine Cover Story? Well, do something big first. There is a shortcut, however and that is fake magazine cover story at where you can upload your photo (or photo of your pet) and make appearance at world of Fame.

Right now this fun website offers some major Magazine Covers to play with like: Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Sexy, National Geographic, People, RollingStone, Seventeen, Vogue, PetFancy, Life, TruLove, Sports Illustrated, Modeling, GQ, Motor Trend, PC Gamer, Fortune and Time. You can also browse and rate covers of other people.

If you dare to make your own Magazine Cover, send us your link, maybe we can organize some "best fake magazine cover" competition, why not?

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Ready for Doomsday?

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Is Doomsday near? According to Norway government and it's recent efforts it is. Together with Global Crop Diversity Trust and Nordic Gene Bank Norwegian government has financed with 9M dollars and opened Doomsday Seed Vault on the island about 1100 km from North Pole.

Goal is to preserve all crop seeds available today from around the world just in case of some disaster. Location is 130 meters above sea level so no harm will be done even if ice caps melt. Seeds could survive here for hundreds even thousands of years. Someone asked funny but interesting question: who has the keys and will he/she be around when vault needed to be open?

Norway Doomsday Seed Vault

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free software and games everyday

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Prices of some software and games are very high. From Microsoft Office 2007 Professional $247, Corel WordPerfect $1775 for Student and Teacher Edition to Quark XPress7 for $454. There are some freeware substitutions out there, but not for everything and quality of some free software is questionable.

But some online services provide opportunity to get not free software for zero bucks in limited time offers. One of those services is GiveAwayOfTheDay. Every day one piece of software and one game is given away. You are in obligation to download and activate that software / game in time limited frame.

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Contest - We award those who comment

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Webomatik likes feedback. We decided to have ongoing Contest here. Every month we will award one person with highest number of comments for past month with free guest post. Winner gets two one way text links towards desired page(s) in that post.

Post can be review of blog / website or article or even some interesting ramblings. Winner writes the post by himself. However, there is one rule for participation. We don't accept any comment. Your comment must be meaningful and longer than 20 words or it won't be accepted.

Ask your questions here.
Good luck.

contest for bloggers

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Turn your photo into 3D model for free

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Back from awesome holiday and armed with amasing photos? Enhance your experience by converting your photos into 3D model and do this for free.

Take a look at this video and see how it works.

Make3D converts your 2D image and makes 3D "fly around" model. All you have to do is upload your photo.

If you know thing or two about programming you have a chance to downlaod source code and play with it. Code is mainly in C++ and MathLab.

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What's cooking in Japan?

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This post is not about food, but it is about new fresh taste. It is about new blog AsiaJin from Hiroki Akimoto Akky and Shunichi Arai, Japanese bloggers.

asian internet news

They bring you Asian Internet startups to English speaking readers. Asiajin will provide you information about Asian Internet trends, company profiles, key people, communities, conferences and events. They write about essential information for professionals who want to do business in Asian market.

If you always wanted to know what those many Asian bloggers are rambling about, go for it. Learn something new.

How To spy on Bloggers

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When searching for blogs there are many good solutions out there like Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Blog Search, Blogcatalog and others. One of the blog search engines, Icerocket has few more interesting features. First RocketMail gives you free email with desired domain.

Another great tool is IceSpy, tool that allows you to see as dynamic scrool down list everything that IceRocket users search for. Before you use this tool you must claim responsibility because some search terms may be obscene or offensive.

Have fun !

spy blog search engine icerocket

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The Blog Newspaper

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From recently Blogosphere has it's own newspaper: The Issue.

Everyday news from around the blogosphere on one place. Popular "issue of the day" covers new story every day with several views on same subject. For example today you can read about Gender and Demographics. In Intro read "A good woman is hard to find", in analysis read "Single woman in the world" and in musing read "Marriage, children and culture".

Everyone can contribute in several areas like Art and culture, Musings, Science and health, Business. The issue also brings very popular Best of the blogosphere.

With tendency to become first true blogosphere newspaper and gathering point for all worldwide news lovers The Issue introduces new Web2.0 quality and big task, to be Blogosphere's Editor in a traditional newspaper form.

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