Technorati Favorites Exchange Gone Mad

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Searching for useful and specific content is sometimes difficult and extremely time consuming. This process has some nice shortcuts in a form of content navigation services like Technorati and many others. I’m not going to explain what Technorati authority is and how important it is, you already know this and if you don’t – take time to find out for yourself.

Technorati favorites exchange is most popular and common way to quickly gain in authority. You can start one on your blog right now, but if your traffic is low, you won’t get any results. But everything is not lost. Try BlogCatalog’s Technorati group. Make new thread and offer exchange. This can help you if you play it smart.

You should know how BlogCatalog works. Most recently commented threads are on top of the list. Few of them may have bold titles, which means they are pinned on top. Now about users behavior. It is common practice to quickly read first few threads and add those blogs to Technorati Favorites and then leave. Knowing this you should try to keep your thread on top as much as possible. Answer to comments often, don’t let your thread go away. Don’t answer to all comments at once! Leave some for later when you don’t have any comment and your thread is dangerously below. This tips will help you get more faves.

Unexpectedly my thread got pinned recently and I don’t know reason for that, but right now I have over 300 responses and I managed to get over 120 Technorati faves! When I stopped with this tactic, thread felt down and now is on page 2, but this is enough, because right now webomatik has another mission. I will visit every single blog from my list of favorites and add tags for them at Technorati. I will also leave comment where that’s option and ask from authors to suggest some tags for themselves. Response is fantastic! Bloggers are thrilled when I say I’m their fan at Technorati, they do suggest tags and often I get backlink, which is ultimate goal for SEO and Technorati authority.

Go on and try this for yourself. Feel free to add this blog as your Technorati favorite, use button on sidebar. As soon as I’m able to I will add you back, visit your blog and leave comment if you forget to suggest tags for yourself.

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Free EntreCard Lifetime Drops

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First of all I want to say that I drop my card every day. I drop between 150 and 300 every single day. I found EntreCard deserves a chance because idea behind it is really great. Now, at first my list of blogs where I drop my card was pretty random, but I was using same list and blogs for few days. Later I came across ‘U drop I follow’ movement created by Lee Doyle, so I changed my list and included blogs that follow. I was happy, but not for long.

What I realized is that ‘U drop I follow’ movement isn’t perfect. My analysis shows that I get drop back from very small number of blogs. When I get 40%-50% of drops back, I’m ultra happy! Reasons may be absence or something else, but that just isn’t enough for me. So, I put my thinking hat and I came up with this idea about ‘Lifetime Drops’! Because I drop every day and because more drops is better, something we can all agree on, I don’t really care on which blog I drop my card. Let’s be honest, there are blogs out there with EC widget with just few posts! I have visited those blogs more times than its author and it’s a shame for that blog, but that’s just the way it is.

So, to conclude, since I don’t care about my list of blogs, I can drop on YOURS blog every day until I’m into dropping! That’s why this idea is called ‘Lifetime Drops’. What I ask in return is to put my blog on your blogroll! You will get link back from this post and ‘lifetime drops’ from this EntreCard account (webomatik).

If you like ‘Lifetime Drops’ idea, spread the word and join for yourself. You can use images I have prepared and put them below or above your EC widget and show others that you are part of ‘Lifetime Drops’ movement, but you don’t have to link back to this post as you MUST to ‘U drop I follow’, it’s your choice. You can also be member of both, why not – what ever rocks your boat!

Lifetime EntreCard Drops MovementLifetime EntreCard Drops MovementLeave comment with your link to receive lifetime drops or to be included in the list of ‘Lifetime Drops’ blogs.

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Free PDF Magazines Directory

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free pdf magazines covers

You know Web can offer great resources, but problem is how to find them. Free software, free games, free online courses, free magazines and ebooks, everything is free on Internet – somewhere. This is where webomatik, your personal web spider enters the scene. My goal is to make my posts worth reading, over and over again.

This time, webomatik shows where to free PDF magazines on art, design, illustrations, culture and similar topics. Everything in one place. Directory of over 170 totally free ezines in your favorite PDF file format. If your interests are in graffiti, photography or urban culture, if you are inspired by street style, gaming or trends, perfect place for you is PDF-MAGS.COM, directory of free PDF magazines.

This website exists more than two years now and they are still in Beta v0.98! How crazy is that! If you are owner of some ezine or you have plans for making one, PDF-MAGS will get you deserved exposure.

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Postcard’s revenge on Web2.0

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I remember as a kid I always jumped from joy whenever I receive postcard from someone. I also remember that my happiness corresponded to distance in the world from where postcard was sent. I would spend many hours looking at unknown landscapes and cities wondering when I’ll go there and see for myself all those places. And I went to some of them.

I’m talking about real postcard in paper, not electronic computer ones. Maybe some younger of you don’t even know what those are, but back in days before PCs and Internet everything functioned little different. You may not believe it, but people used pencil and paper and wrote letters to each other! Sure, every time has its own benefits and it is out of subject to discuss which period is better and when life was better.

Postcrossing community Flickr galleryEveryone can again re-experience past time and you can get help at PostCrossing. Service is free to use. Sign in and first send one postcard to someone in the world. You’ll get address from them. After that you get one postcard from randomly chosen member of this website. Another good thing about it is you don’t know from where you’ll get Hello. It’s nice to be surprised.

Until today there are 961.338 postcards sent from 178 countries and website has over 45k members. There is excellent forum and live feed with recently received postcards. Also, community has it’s own group on Flickr. Today I have become newest member and can’t hardly wait to receive my first postcard. Jump! Jump! Jump!

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Important details: Favicon Blogger Hack + Gravatar

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Every blogger should have a goal to reach advance level which usually means high traffic and regular base of readers who participate in discussions. This goal is important and it can be achieved only with number of different factors like great content, social networking, blog design. But sometimes even the details play great role in representing yourself to others.

I will mention here two such things everyone can do in just a few minutes. First one is introducing favicon and using it on Blogger Platform and second is Gravatar as more advanced representation web2.0 tool.

Favicon is short for Favorite Icon and it is small 16x16 pixels graphic which appears in browser address bar before your link. See image.

favicon, favorite icon

You can create favicon with any graphics editing software very easily. Since favicon is small, you should use simple lines and contrast colors. Suitable graphic file types for favicon are jpg, png and gif. Now, how to include favicon? You need to edit your blog code with just one line and on Blogger it’s easy to do in few steps. Insert new line of code just below closing title tag:

< rel="shortcut icon" href="IMAGE URL">

Save your template and you are done. If you want you can also include animated gif as your favicon and in that case your new line of code is different:

< rel="icon" href="IMAGE URL" type="image/gif">

Again, save your template and you are ready to go. You can have your graphic uploaded on any images hosting websites like googlepages, photobucket or whatever.

Gravatar stands for globally recognized avatar and it was invented by Tom Werner. It is a form of online identity. Sign up for free on gravatar website, enter your email address and upload your graphic 80x80 pixels. Different platforms can recognize your identity based on your email address and when you comment on some blog, next to your comment gravatar will appear. One good advice is to use same image as for favicon like Webomatik did. Platforms that accept gravatars are MovableType, WordPress, LiveJournal, Blogger and implementations are supported in PHP, Perl, ColdFusion and Java.

There you go – brand yourself and your blog and increase your chances for online success.

Free EntreCard Credits

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Free EntreCard Credits
Sure, you can pay $$ for 1.000 EC credits on eBay and boost your blogosphere exposure or you can drop 300 per day and completely lose your nerves, but Webomatik offers you to get up to 150 EC credits for free.

Instead paying for it, write a review about Webomatik on your blog and you are up to 150 EC richer. Review must be 100+ words and include two links, to home page ( and to this post. For review you will get 120 EC. But wait, that’s not all! Subscribe to full RSS feed via email and you will get bonus 20 EC! Finally, to reach magic 150 EC, favorite Webomatik at Technorati and you will get additional 10 EC.

Don’t waste your time on contests where you have only a chance to win; with Webomatik you win 100%. One blog can participate only once. You will get your credits one week after you apply via email gmbportal {at} gmail {dt} com or just leave comment here with your details.

If you are not part of the EntreCard community you should consider joining. This is great way to get blog traffic. EntreCard is 10x better than BlogRush, because it delivers traffic. Here is example graphic chart that shows how traffic on Webomatik changed after EC introduction.

traffic growth from entrecard widget

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Chat Widget for Blogger

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Chat Widget for Bloggers

Google has few days ago released chatback widget for blogs, websites and anything that "runs on HTML". Webomatik got one on sidebar. You can chat with WeBoMaTiK when available, just click and popup will appear. No software, just browser.

If you want to get this interactive widget on your blog, you will need free GTalk software. On Blogspot, add new HTML/JavaScript widget to sidebar and enter code you can collect from chatback start page, just use your Google account.

I will be online everyday in 12 am when the Sun is highest in the sky. I can provide food, shelter, ... Please, you are not alone :)

Chatback widget is cool, but it can also give your blog extra functionality and communication with readers in easy way. Specially for those who provide online help in programming, Internet marketing or any other field where direct contact is essential.

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Free Book: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

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If you are lucky researcher web sometimes enriches you with few chapters of popular book and if you are not, you will probably get only table of contents and maybe appendix in your favorite pdf file format. No, I’m not including illegal torrents, just legal stuff !

Authors may from time to time in attempt to increase popularity publish entire piece on Internet, but when big writer decide to give free that’s really very rare occasion. In this case big writer I’m talking about is Neil Gaiman who celebrates seventh birthday of his blog by organizing online poll to find out which book to offer for free. Winner is by far AMERICAN GODS, Neil’s masterpiece.

Neil Gaiman American Gods book image

Go on, read the book and visit his website for news, articles, cool stuff and things.

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Enter EntreCard World

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Webomatik has become part of community with 5k+ members at; So, what is EC? It is internet business card, it is opportunity to get more traffic to your blog and it is javascript based widget for your sidebar. Members earn points when click on others widgets (slang: to drop), when other drop on yours widget or when someone buy your widget advertising spot, which is 125x125 graphic banner.

More EC points, more chance for your banner to appear on famous blogs around blogosphere. There is even market forming around EC points and you can buy them for real money or sell your own. What is really EC, you have to try it for yourself to find out, but be warned: membership can lead to addiction !

Feel free to join EntreCard group on BlogCatalog.

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