Postcard’s revenge on Web2.0

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I remember as a kid I always jumped from joy whenever I receive postcard from someone. I also remember that my happiness corresponded to distance in the world from where postcard was sent. I would spend many hours looking at unknown landscapes and cities wondering when I’ll go there and see for myself all those places. And I went to some of them.

I’m talking about real postcard in paper, not electronic computer ones. Maybe some younger of you don’t even know what those are, but back in days before PCs and Internet everything functioned little different. You may not believe it, but people used pencil and paper and wrote letters to each other! Sure, every time has its own benefits and it is out of subject to discuss which period is better and when life was better.

Postcrossing community Flickr galleryEveryone can again re-experience past time and you can get help at PostCrossing. Service is free to use. Sign in and first send one postcard to someone in the world. You’ll get address from them. After that you get one postcard from randomly chosen member of this website. Another good thing about it is you don’t know from where you’ll get Hello. It’s nice to be surprised.

Until today there are 961.338 postcards sent from 178 countries and website has over 45k members. There is excellent forum and live feed with recently received postcards. Also, community has it’s own group on Flickr. Today I have become newest member and can’t hardly wait to receive my first postcard. Jump! Jump! Jump!

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J. C. - 22 March 2008 at 13:09

this is a great post but the more great I consider your template. How did you make it to look so cool on bloger? Without that banner? I am curious wow?

admin - 22 March 2008 at 18:11

I like it also - it's JackBook's fault, check footer for more info.

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