Monday, 31 March 2008

Technorati Favorites Exchange Gone Mad

Searching for useful and specific content is sometimes difficult and extremely time consuming. This process has some nice shortcuts in a form of content navigation services like Technorati and many others. I’m not going to explain what Technorati authority is and how important it is, you already know this and if you don’t – take time to find out for yourself.

Technorati favorites exchange is most popular and common way to quickly gain in authority. You can start one on your blog right now, but if your traffic is low, you won’t get any results. But everything is not lost. Try BlogCatalog’s Technorati group. Make new thread and offer exchange. This can help you if you play it smart.

You should know how BlogCatalog works. Most recently commented threads are on top of the list. Few of them may have bold titles, which means they are pinned on top. Now about users behavior. It is common practice to quickly read first few threads and add those blogs to Technorati Favorites and then leave. Knowing this you should try to keep your thread on top as much as possible. Answer to comments often, don’t let your thread go away. Don’t answer to all comments at once! Leave some for later when you don’t have any comment and your thread is dangerously below. This tips will help you get more faves.

Unexpectedly my thread got pinned recently and I don’t know reason for that, but right now I have over 300 responses and I managed to get over 120 Technorati faves! When I stopped with this tactic, thread felt down and now is on page 2, but this is enough, because right now webomatik has another mission. I will visit every single blog from my list of favorites and add tags for them at Technorati. I will also leave comment where that’s option and ask from authors to suggest some tags for themselves. Response is fantastic! Bloggers are thrilled when I say I’m their fan at Technorati, they do suggest tags and often I get backlink, which is ultimate goal for SEO and Technorati authority.

Go on and try this for yourself. Feel free to add this blog as your Technorati favorite, use button on sidebar. As soon as I’m able to I will add you back, visit your blog and leave comment if you forget to suggest tags for yourself.

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Lily Arbee said...

Before I miss the boat, may I join you guys to include "Lifetime Drop"
at my Entrecard?!

If so, where do I get the code?

Thanks, Lily Arbee