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web2.0 stripes generator site logoStripes generator is 100% free web2.0 tool for creating any kind of stripes ready for your design. Use it as background on your blog or website or as part of application design if you like. You are also invited to discover new stripes uses, why not?

Easy to use website interface will allow you to make your new favorite stripes in seconds. Choose colors, orientation, width, color gradients and download your creation. Also on tutorials page check some useful articles like ‘CSS background tutorial’ and ‘How to define a stripe as a pattern in PhotoShop’. Have fun!

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Easy and free web2.0 logo

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Low cost solutions don’t always have to be much worse than custom market priced work. If we talk about logo for your startup company or just a little graphic piece especially for blog header there is free service online which can provide you satisfactory design.

free logo design

Logoease: creating logos made as easy as blowing bubbles, and it is! You will spend some time HAVING FUN with great Flash interface, merging text and pre-defined images, adding color, scaling and rotating. Also, many different fonts are on display for you to choose. When you finish, save your work and you will get zip file with your logo in four formats: EPS, JPG, TIFF and PNG.

free webomatik logo design

There is an option to get professional logo design for $149 from paid service by same owner Graphic Design LTD UK, but Logoease, as free online service is right choice for most of us.

Now, we all know how branding and online / offline identity is important for companies, but how about bloggers? Do you feel you need a logo to be recognized by others? If you do, are you willing to pay for it and how much? I guess it all depends on what your goal is. Darren Rowse has a logo, but Problogger is a company, right? Maybe there is invisible line of monthly revenues when once crossed should make you decide that you need a logo for your successful blog. The rest of us should take it easy, logoease.

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Create Wiki for Free

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Join the community of over 850k and create your own Wiki based website for free. Easy and fast sign with your email, choose one of several different templates and you are ready to publish as WeBoMaTiK did.

You will get a chance to upload photos and videos, use your own forum and real price for this is that you don’t have completely control over how your Wiki looks. WetPaint will place some banner ads on your pages you can’t remove. Not too bad for FREE service.

free wiki

Main power of Wiki websites is that one Wiki can be maintained by many people at ones. At wetpaint you get an option to choose if you would like anyone to edit your website, only people who join your community or nobody but you.

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Your On-Line Tv

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This post is written by guest blogger Jasmin, top commentator for March 2008. Read more about your chance to be guest blogger.

From time to time I would recommend everybody to read Leo Babuta's blog. That blog has made it huge in no time. It took only one year for that blog to reach the magic figures of thousands readers and subscribers.

I am not going to talk about Zen here or how to reach the goals of the driving huge traffic to your blog. What I am trying to highlight here is something for what I believe it lies beneath of every success. It's the question of productivity. So you might wonder – what on the earth Zen, productivity and blogging have in common?

Obviously, a lot. Using internet today could be done right or the wrong way, like everything else. Even if you are, like me – a blogger who is not occupied with reaching huge traffic or you are doing your post for the sake of own, very personal motives, you can easily adjust your aspirations and turn the time you are spending on-line into a weapon for making your efficiency stronger and more productive.

People used to say before– Go to bed early, early rise. I think that today is more appropriate to say: Do not watch so much of television, better you find something interesting on-line. Everybody has their own niche and the field of interest. So the next time when you spend hours and hours watching the TV – you may want to ask your self what is the bottom line. There was a channel on cable TV with very interesting shows, documentaries mostly. For me it was very enjoyable to watch it and many times I have found myself spending precious hours in front of the TV-screen. But one of the reasons that contributed to my final decision to throw the TV out of my apartment was the interview that I have chance to read given by the head chief of that very same documentary channel.

Among the other things this guy said this: The only think that our company strives for is to keep the attention of our audience from the time of one commercial till the time of the next one. After hearing this I finally took my decision to stop watching even this program which was one of the rare things that I was consuming on television. My TV set and DVD home theater are now in closet. Next time when I wish to look a good documentary I could easily find it on many video services on- line. True - the video quality is not so great but one more thing is more important – I am watching what I want and when I want and there are no endless commercials. So if we go back to the Zen related concerns we could see that quality related time is being of the huge importance more than ever. Whatever your niche might be it is not hard to understand what the thing is taking your precious time in the hugest bites.
It all boils down to the question of the output.

It is not hard to imagine the huge wasting of time forever lost by watching idealess TV programs. You could use that hours better – to be a better writer or web- developer, to find more about a foreign language that is interesting you, or to write a guest post for another blog like I am doing it now.

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Test your blog in different browsers

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Besides content and functionality, blog design is another important part of successful blogging experience. How your blog appears on user screen have great role in his reaction to your blog. Design should be similar when open in different browsers and on different platforms, but this is often very hard thing to do.

Browsershots is free open-source online service consist of number distributed computers and maintained by volunteers. Choose between Linux, Windows, Mac OS, BSD and various browsers like Firefox, Galeon, Opera, Safari, SeaMonkey and many others, submit your URL and come back in 30 minutes when you will be able to download screenshots from desired browsers. I have tested this service asking for 32 screenshots and after 30 minutes I got 2.2 Mb of 5 screenshots. Not as I hoped for but also not entirely useless. For a monthly fee of $15 you can get priority-guarantied service.

Webomatik looks almost 100% (besides some font size differences) the same in Firefox 3.0 Windows XP, Firefox 2.0 Windows XP, Opera 9.50 Ubuntu 7.10, Firefox 2 Ubuntu 7.10 and Flock 1.1.1 PLD Titanuim.

test your blog browsershots

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First Webomatik EC Contest - win 5.000 credits !

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EntreCard Contest Free 5000 credits

OK, it’s time for Webomatik to give you first Contest. Since this is non-profit blog (yet), prizes will include EntreCard credits. I wanted to advertise on blogs like ProBlogger and JohnChow, but this is something I found very difficult to do, because it’s a long waiting line for them. In meantime I collected over 5.000 credits and now Webomatik is ready to give them away.


Here are the prizes for First Webomatik EC Contest:

- First prize 2.000 EC credits
- Second prize 1.000 EC credits
- Third prize 500 EC credits
- 4. place 300 EC credits
- 5.-14. place prize 120 EC credits

Total 5.000 EntreCard credits !!!


Write about First Webomatik EC Contest on your blog and include 2 links in your post, to home page and to this post. After that, come back here and leave comment with link to your post. That’s all ! First prize will be awarded to the BEST description of this Contest and all other winners will be chosen RANDOMLY. Deadline is April 30th and winners will be announced on May 5th.

Good luck !!!

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Simply the best free file hosting

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You may choose to have enormous hard disk or to keep your files on CDs and DVDs. You can hope that you’ll be safe from viruses and disk errors, but truth is there is no permanent defense and one day, tomorrow, next week or next year you’ll get that punch without warning.

One of the solutions for this everyday computer problem is to upload your files on Internet. Give responsibility to someone more competent than you, to free file hosting service providers. Sure, they can suffer from data loss also, even entire Web can go down, but when that scenario begin to happen, I don’t think you will worry about your data :)

free file hosting service

MediaFire is 100% free, no registration required, 100 Mb per file and unlimited disk space. Upload your file(s) easy and just share your download link. Prospector has huge list of free online storage websites, but you don’t have to check them, go directly to MediaFire and save time.

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Don’t bug me, use Bugmenot!

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Webomatik is committed to reveal all online hidden treasures one by one. This is description often used when this blog is submitted to blog directories and this is true reason for starting this web log.

Just a quick note about ‘Lifetime Drops’ I started recently. Things are going fine, few people have applied and I keep my promise by dropping on their blog every day. Since I will try to drop on those blogs every single day this may not be possible for 365 days per year, but I figured out that if I go to holiday or something let’s say for 10 days and I’m not able to drop those 10 days I will transfer 10 credits to those blogs per blog! In this way if you are on my list you will really get 365 drops per year.

Another thing I noticed is that maybe some of you didn’t quite understand what is my idea behind ‘Lifetime Drops’. Right now only Webomatik is member of ‘Lifetime Drops’ movement. If you want to be a member too, you need to offer this option for your readers on your blog. You ask from them to include your link to theirs blogroll and then you create your ‘Lifetime Drops’ list. That’s the real power of this idea. In that case you place banner I provided somewhere around EntreCard widget. OK?

Free online logins and passwords bugmenot

Now back to online treasures. This one isn’t really hidden and many people know about it, but some don’t and I wanted to share this with you. Everyone encountered situation where you are at the door of some great online service or free downloads but it is required of you to register for free, to give your name, email address and name of your teacher. And very often this is turndown. But wait, check Bugmenot, service that work on volunteering basis with free logins and registration information. Check this first and bookmark this website it will save you a lot of time. Firefox Extension is also available.

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