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Webomatik is committed to reveal all online hidden treasures one by one. This is description often used when this blog is submitted to blog directories and this is true reason for starting this web log.

Just a quick note about ‘Lifetime Drops’ I started recently. Things are going fine, few people have applied and I keep my promise by dropping on their blog every day. Since I will try to drop on those blogs every single day this may not be possible for 365 days per year, but I figured out that if I go to holiday or something let’s say for 10 days and I’m not able to drop those 10 days I will transfer 10 credits to those blogs per blog! In this way if you are on my list you will really get 365 drops per year.

Another thing I noticed is that maybe some of you didn’t quite understand what is my idea behind ‘Lifetime Drops’. Right now only Webomatik is member of ‘Lifetime Drops’ movement. If you want to be a member too, you need to offer this option for your readers on your blog. You ask from them to include your link to theirs blogroll and then you create your ‘Lifetime Drops’ list. That’s the real power of this idea. In that case you place banner I provided somewhere around EntreCard widget. OK?

Free online logins and passwords bugmenot

Now back to online treasures. This one isn’t really hidden and many people know about it, but some don’t and I wanted to share this with you. Everyone encountered situation where you are at the door of some great online service or free downloads but it is required of you to register for free, to give your name, email address and name of your teacher. And very often this is turndown. But wait, check Bugmenot, service that work on volunteering basis with free logins and registration information. Check this first and bookmark this website it will save you a lot of time. Firefox Extension is also available.

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