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Low cost solutions don’t always have to be much worse than custom market priced work. If we talk about logo for your startup company or just a little graphic piece especially for blog header there is free service online which can provide you satisfactory design.

free logo design

Logoease: creating logos made as easy as blowing bubbles, and it is! You will spend some time HAVING FUN with great Flash interface, merging text and pre-defined images, adding color, scaling and rotating. Also, many different fonts are on display for you to choose. When you finish, save your work and you will get zip file with your logo in four formats: EPS, JPG, TIFF and PNG.

free webomatik logo design

There is an option to get professional logo design for $149 from paid service by same owner Graphic Design LTD UK, but Logoease, as free online service is right choice for most of us.

Now, we all know how branding and online / offline identity is important for companies, but how about bloggers? Do you feel you need a logo to be recognized by others? If you do, are you willing to pay for it and how much? I guess it all depends on what your goal is. Darren Rowse has a logo, but Problogger is a company, right? Maybe there is invisible line of monthly revenues when once crossed should make you decide that you need a logo for your successful blog. The rest of us should take it easy, logoease.

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