What I Have Learned From Darren Rowse

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I was very thrilled when Problogger (Darren) accepted my EntreCard business card to be on his blog on 28th May. I paid for it 1024 credits which is a lot, but I thought it is worth it, just to see how traffic will change for that day. I was preparing for my debut at Problogger, ready for my little experiment, even made a plan to fire new post on 27th, something complementary to one of the Darren’s home page stories, so visitors can have nice reading flow.

But than, after five days of expecting and just 24 hours before my appearance on Problogger, Darren canceled my ad! This was strange. I wondered why he did that. If he thought that my blog is in collision with his he could just canceled my ad on first day, but he didn’t. He actually accepted my ad and canceled it 24 hours before appearing.

And then I realized what is the story behind this. Price of advertising via EntreCard on your blog is a function of number of waiting and accepted ads combined. This means that if I have 3 ads accepted and 2 ads in waiting queue, price for next blogger will be 2*2*2*2*2 which is 32. More people accepted or in the waiting queue, higher price. In this way you can manipulate the EC price system and have your price skyrocket. Maybe this is main reason why some mediocre blogs price is 2048 or more credits.

It’s not clear to me how I didn’t figured this out from beginning, but never mind, I should thank Darren for teaching me this lesson, among many other useful stuff.

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Searching for do-follow blogs

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No-follow is instruction mostly present in blog templates nowadays. This instruction was introduced to help fight spamming and malicious commentators who used comments as free advertising tool in mainly automated campaigns where web masters / bloggers didn’t get quality comments, but only meaningful rants. This instruction prevents spiders from following present links, which has few consequences. One of them is less comments, since those who comment do appreciate back link which boosts their own page rank and search engines position.

Do follow instruction was introduced to encourage visitors and bloggers to comment more while finding other techniques to fight spam. Blogs with do follow instruction is not that hard to find with help of some free web services and tools. First one is this blog directory . It also has useful information about page rank for every blog. Many blogs have do follow list pages and those blogs can easily be found with simple search engine query.

do follow blogs search engine

Another good recourse is Backlinkspot website, which is created based on Google Custom Search. You are welcomed to contribute to Webomatik with more online recourses that allow do follow blogs search, just leave a comment.

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Free temporary e-mail address

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In the early days of my web experience I was forced to have few emails, but one was always there with special purpose for all those boring sign up forms out there. Spam was (is) everywhere and giving away your email address to anyone is not much of a smart idea.

These days things are a little bit different. Off course, you can have as many e-mail addresses as you like with gmail or other popular and free services, but you will still have to register and spend few minutes on it. There is a better solution.

I recently read about this e-book: "The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques", available at Sitepoint.com among many others great titles. Before you buy any of those books you can download free chapters, but they will e-mail you download link. So I visited 10 minutes mail , my new favorite free web service, got my new e-mail address which is valid for 10 minutes, enough to get that freakin’ download link. What I got is complete 64 MB 295 pages high-res PDF e-book.

You can also use Google for this website like this:
site:sitepoint.com filetype:pdf

If that 10 minutes is not enough, you can manually extend that period for another 10 minutes for same e-mail address. Ten minutes mail is great free service and great idea.

Five gold spiders from webomatik !

Free email service

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Free ebooks widget

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Free ebooks is one of the most common online search queries. Reason for that is obvious, people want free knowledge in unlimited amounts. What they want to do with it is another important question, but I’m not talking about it right now.

In rare cases you will not have to pay for some ebook. One reason can be if copyright of written work is expired, but you will have to wait very long period for this to happen to recently written books. Another reason can be if writer itself didn’t willingly copyrighted his book if he don’t care about money or he has wealthy sponsors or he thinks nobody will pay to read his stuff.

This last scenario is more common than you think. Millions of authors give away theirs work for free. Some of them have other sponsorship methods and some of them don’t want your money, they want your attention so they can take more money later!

This previous story can, but it doesn’t have to have any connections with next one. One of the sidebars on Webomatik now have free ebooks category with Free Ebooks Widget. This widget collects links from Free-ebooks.net and displays it so you can download selected free ebooks. You are not redirected to their website, links are direct download links. Widget is there temporarily to help increase blog traffic.

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Lifetime Drops Movement bonus credits

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I’m sure you already know what EntreCard is and how it works. If you don’t and you have low traffic blog but you want some new visitors feel free to try this online service.

At the end of March 2008 Webomatik has started Lifetime Drops Movement. Basically, it’s a list of blogs that I visit and drop my card on every day. You are invited to join. There are 11 blogs on the list right now and I wanted to give those people some bonus for backing up my idea. I decided to give 500 credits every month to random member on Lifetime Drops list. Winner will after that go to the end of waiting queue and when time comes he will get another shoot of 500 credits, and so on. New members will also be included for bonus credits.

Winner for May 2008 is Adam Kirby. Congrats Adam!

Lifetime EntreCard Drops Movement

If you want to join give me a link to my homepage from your sidebar and tell me about it by leavening a comment here or by email gmbportal {at} gmail {dt} com. You will get Lifetime EC drops and monthly chance to win 500 credits.

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Competition Winners

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First Webomatik EntreCard Contest is over and we have the Winners! First I want to thank all who took participation, because everyone is a winner. That’s right, everyone who wrote about Webomatik’s Contest will get some EntreCard credits and the reason for this is very simple. Contest was giveaway of total 14 prizes from 2.000 credits to 120 credits and there were total of 12 participants! How great is that?

The winners are:

1. Darn good reviews 2.000 credits
2. About blog contest 1.000 credits
3. Contest Hub 500 credits
4. GiveAway City 300 credits
5. Cah Kontes 120 credits
6. DuckelDanny 120 credits
7. 50Whatever 120 credits
8. Contestime 120 credits
9. Ec.xaviermedia 120 credits
10. Streamlinev 120 credits
11. Sherrygo 120 credits

‘Our frugal winning circle’ has also won 120 credits, but I can’t find their post. Credits will be sent in the next couple of days.

Bonus: since I have few credits left from this competition, I will give away 200 credits to first five people who write about my first contest and include links to this post and blog home page. Winners of First Contest can’t compete for this bonus. Leave comment with your link.

Second Webomatik EntreCard Contest will be very soon, with more great prizes. Stay updated by subscribing to RSS news.

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