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First Webomatik EntreCard Contest is over and we have the Winners! First I want to thank all who took participation, because everyone is a winner. That’s right, everyone who wrote about Webomatik’s Contest will get some EntreCard credits and the reason for this is very simple. Contest was giveaway of total 14 prizes from 2.000 credits to 120 credits and there were total of 12 participants! How great is that?

The winners are:

1. Darn good reviews 2.000 credits
2. About blog contest 1.000 credits
3. Contest Hub 500 credits
4. GiveAway City 300 credits
5. Cah Kontes 120 credits
6. DuckelDanny 120 credits
7. 50Whatever 120 credits
8. Contestime 120 credits
9. Ec.xaviermedia 120 credits
10. Streamlinev 120 credits
11. Sherrygo 120 credits

‘Our frugal winning circle’ has also won 120 credits, but I can’t find their post. Credits will be sent in the next couple of days.

Bonus: since I have few credits left from this competition, I will give away 200 credits to first five people who write about my first contest and include links to this post and blog home page. Winners of First Contest can’t compete for this bonus. Leave comment with your link.

Second Webomatik EntreCard Contest will be very soon, with more great prizes. Stay updated by subscribing to RSS news.

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gLf - 5 May 2008 at 09:54

Thank you very much!
I'll post about the winning in the next few days.

Cah Kontes - 11 May 2008 at 19:22


this is cahkontes. I'm sorry for the late reply. I'm having trouble with the internet connection so I'm only able to check on emails once every few days.

I hope I'm not late :)
Here's my EC:


admin - 12 May 2008 at 05:04

Off course it's not too late. I couldn't find EC widget on your blog, so I couldn't send you credits you won, but now I did.


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