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Free ebooks is one of the most common online search queries. Reason for that is obvious, people want free knowledge in unlimited amounts. What they want to do with it is another important question, but I’m not talking about it right now.

In rare cases you will not have to pay for some ebook. One reason can be if copyright of written work is expired, but you will have to wait very long period for this to happen to recently written books. Another reason can be if writer itself didn’t willingly copyrighted his book if he don’t care about money or he has wealthy sponsors or he thinks nobody will pay to read his stuff.

This last scenario is more common than you think. Millions of authors give away theirs work for free. Some of them have other sponsorship methods and some of them don’t want your money, they want your attention so they can take more money later!

This previous story can, but it doesn’t have to have any connections with next one. One of the sidebars on Webomatik now have free ebooks category with Free Ebooks Widget. This widget collects links from and displays it so you can download selected free ebooks. You are not redirected to their website, links are direct download links. Widget is there temporarily to help increase blog traffic.

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