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In the early days of my web experience I was forced to have few emails, but one was always there with special purpose for all those boring sign up forms out there. Spam was (is) everywhere and giving away your email address to anyone is not much of a smart idea.

These days things are a little bit different. Off course, you can have as many e-mail addresses as you like with gmail or other popular and free services, but you will still have to register and spend few minutes on it. There is a better solution.

I recently read about this e-book: "The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques", available at among many others great titles. Before you buy any of those books you can download free chapters, but they will e-mail you download link. So I visited 10 minutes mail , my new favorite free web service, got my new e-mail address which is valid for 10 minutes, enough to get that freakin’ download link. What I got is complete 64 MB 295 pages high-res PDF e-book.

You can also use Google for this website like this: filetype:pdf

If that 10 minutes is not enough, you can manually extend that period for another 10 minutes for same e-mail address. Ten minutes mail is great free service and great idea.

Five gold spiders from webomatik !

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