Second Webomatik's Contest Winners

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OK, time is up for Second Webomatik EntreCard Contest and now let’s announce the winners.

But, before that I want to thank all who took part. I’m little disappointed that this Contest had only four participants, since last one was more successful. I’ve been thinking about this and maybe it’s time to change some rules. Next Contest will be very different from this one and prizes may include other stuff beside EntreCard credits.

Good thing about this contest is that number of RSS subscribers is now first time over 30, which is great. Enough of this small talk, here is list of winners.

1. Achmad Z’s Archives (2.000 credits)
2. IluvContest (1.000 credits)
3. Jasmin’s Heart (500 credits)
4. Mxyzplk Money Maker (300 credits)

Bonus of 1.000 for RSS subscription goes to Jasmin’s Heart.

Congrats to all!
I will send you credits in next 3 days.


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Instapaper, answer to useless list posts

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Instapaper is web service created by Marco Arment, lead developer at Tumblr. Instapaper allows you to save long text web content and read them later. You use read later bookmarklet to save desired content. Selected text before you click read later acts as link description.

Instapaper is created for iPhone and it works on iPhone correctly. Instapaper is free to use. This service is first real answer to useless list posts and quick-consumption nature of blog readers (in authors words). Agree.

instapaper web service

p.s. Second EC Contest ends in two days !

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Zoomii - The Virtual Bookstore

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When you read that unusual name Zoomii, you may think it has something to do with zoom and you are 100 % right. Zoomii is virtual bookstore, web2.0 service that mimics real world bookstore look. Books are divided by categories and links will take you directly to Amazon page or you can order from Zoomii. Simple concept, but those guys did it first.

zoomii virtual bookstore

Webomatik found out about Zoomii from readwriteweb and makeuseof.

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Twitter name is important

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Twitter is micro-blogging platform, short messages service, great marketing tool and much more. Since everyone talks about it and using it sometimes it’s hard to imagine that twitter is around from 2006 when it feels like it’s here for much longer.

As webomatik, my presence on Twitter is very young, from May 23rd. I have just few updates, few followers and I follow people with similar interests as this blog. Take a look and add me as a friend, I’ll add you back.

My Twitter page: webomatik

You don’t have much choice when you use twitter to promote yourself, then you will take /yourname page, or when you want to promote your blog, then you will use page like I did, but Twitter username is very important and you should think about it. Take a look how you can attract followers with only one message when your username is original.

good twitter name

Mysteriously unnamed has excellent sense for this. With original username /1 and only one update, one year ago, he (or she) has over 50 followers. Off course, this is extreme, but choosing good Twitter username is really challenging. Imagine what could you do if you had a chance to take names like /vista or /newyork or /beijing before some else?

We will see what will be when more similar services like Twitter appear (try Plurk, Jaiku, Plazes or Tumblr), but it’s only a question of time when usernames will start to sell. Or maybe it’s already started and I’m unaware of it?

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Food crisis and new dangers in Africa

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Latest food prices rise already have negative impact on large number of countries around the world, but some of them have more ability to adjust then others. Situation is getting more difficult for both rich and poor countries.

Rich countries have more options to prepare themselves for crisis, but there is additional pressure from developing countries for help. Poor countries, mostly in Africa don’t have much choice since they are already dependable upon help from developed, rich countries. This time efforts must be doubled and smart decisions of government’s leaders are only way to decrease future political and health risks.

Pledges to double aid to Africa by 2010 are now harder to achieve. If this doesn’t happen, danger of hunger, malnutrition and mortality in Africa will increase very fast.

Take a look at daily food consumption of the world map .

Countries leaders are those who make decisions, but that doesn’t mean rest of us shouldn’t do anything about it. By blogging about food crisis and new dangers in Africa, we can at least try to raise awareness on this issue.

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Speed-reading, skill for 21st century

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Web content growth follows exponential line. New blogs, new websites, micro-blogging services, video and image directories, they all contribute to this super growth. We can’t see where this ends and new tools are required just to follow such a huge diversity of content. Social networks are one way of handling this problem. Another one comes on more personal level.

Speed-reading is technique developed to help people read faster. You probably think how this decreases material comprehension, but tests have shown just the opposite. Speed-reading brings better understanding of reading material. Theory says that human eyes and brain are actually not build for what we call normal reading speed. They are more suitable for faster reading, even speeds when reading is not appropriate term. There are people who can read extremely fast, entire text page within few seconds. Remember that this skill is developed and has effects similar to those of people with photographic memory.

If you imagine our future in few decades, can you see speed-reading learning in schools? Is speed-reading appropriate skill for 21st century?

You can test yourself in speed-reading here . My results are 508 words / minute with 73% correct answers on comprehension test. How about you?

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Webomatik stumbled upon SU

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We are all aware (more or less) how important for Internet marketing is membership and active participation with social network web services like BlogCatalog, Technorati, Twitter and many others. Meeting new people, generating blog traffic, finding quality content are all reasons why anyone should learn a thing or two about this services.

Few days ago I have finally become new user of StumbleUpon family (now over 5,2 millions members). I’m in constant search for great content, free services and new web technologies and I’m trying to present my findings here. From now own everything I discover here will be on my StumbleUpon page, but also and much more, because it is virtually impossible for me to write about everything this man-powered spider finds.

Feel free to see my StumbleUpon profile , add me as a friend, I would like to see what is interesting for you in blogosphere. Hope will write more about my StumbleUpon experience later.

StumbleUpon tips and tricks

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Second Webomatik Entrecard Contest – win 5000 credits easy!

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EntreCard Contest win 5000 credits It is time for Second EC contest. First Contest was two months ago and it was very successful. Everyone who participated won some credits in range from 2.000 to 120.

This time rules and prizes are almost the same. Everyone can participate with one entry.


Here are the prizes for Second Webomatik EC Contest:

- First prize 2.000 EC credits
- Second prize 1.000 EC credits
- Third prize 500 EC credits
- 4. place 300 EC credits
- 5.-14. place prize 120 EC credits

Total 5.000 EntreCard credits !!!


Write about Second Webomatik EC Contest on your blog and include 2 links in your post, to home page and to this post. After that, come back here and leave comment with link to your post. That’s all ! First prize will be awarded to the BEST description of this Contest and all other winners will be chosen RANDOMLY. Deadline is June 30th and winners will be announced on July 1st.


If you participate in this Contest and you are one of the email RSS subscribers, you can win additional 1.000 credits. Just mention this in your comment with your email or email prefix (everything before @ sign) and that's all. Bonus is valid for everyone who subscribes via email before deadline.

Good luck !!!

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Enter plug-and-play web

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Web services just become very serious. Adobe has launched Acrobat , set of online web services to simplify your everyday online work. With Acrobat you are able to create and share documents, to participate in real-time communication with others, to store your images, docs and easily convert them to PDF, popular Internet file format. features:

1) Store 5Gb of files in personal online organizer, accessible from web browser

2) Share file without using emails and attachments with limited number of people or with everyone, it’s your choice

3) Use to convert files to PDF from many file types (doc, txt, images, etc)

4) Create documents on your own or in collaboration with others using true online word processor Adobe Buzzword

5) Organize and hold web meeting

Download Acrobat User Guide (170 Kb)

This is very big step towards web-oriented computers, ultimate dream for Webomatik and many Internet users out there, plug-and-play web. In coming years we hope more web services (free ones off course) will replace computer software, will go beyond operating systems and browsers bookmarks list will become programs control panel. On second thought, we don’t even need browsers.

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