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Web services just become very serious. Adobe has launched Acrobat , set of online web services to simplify your everyday online work. With Acrobat you are able to create and share documents, to participate in real-time communication with others, to store your images, docs and easily convert them to PDF, popular Internet file format.

Acrobat.com features:

1) Store 5Gb of files in personal online organizer, accessible from web browser

2) Share file without using emails and attachments with limited number of people or with everyone, it’s your choice

3) Use Acrobat.com to convert files to PDF from many file types (doc, txt, images, etc)

4) Create documents on your own or in collaboration with others using true online word processor Adobe Buzzword

5) Organize and hold web meeting

Download Acrobat User Guide (170 Kb)

This is very big step towards web-oriented computers, ultimate dream for Webomatik and many Internet users out there, plug-and-play web. In coming years we hope more web services (free ones off course) will replace computer software, will go beyond operating systems and browsers bookmarks list will become programs control panel. On second thought, we don’t even need browsers.

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