Food crisis and new dangers in Africa

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Latest food prices rise already have negative impact on large number of countries around the world, but some of them have more ability to adjust then others. Situation is getting more difficult for both rich and poor countries.

Rich countries have more options to prepare themselves for crisis, but there is additional pressure from developing countries for help. Poor countries, mostly in Africa don’t have much choice since they are already dependable upon help from developed, rich countries. This time efforts must be doubled and smart decisions of government’s leaders are only way to decrease future political and health risks.

Pledges to double aid to Africa by 2010 are now harder to achieve. If this doesn’t happen, danger of hunger, malnutrition and mortality in Africa will increase very fast.

Take a look at daily food consumption of the world map .

Countries leaders are those who make decisions, but that doesn’t mean rest of us shouldn’t do anything about it. By blogging about food crisis and new dangers in Africa, we can at least try to raise awareness on this issue.

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Dental Marketing - 22 June 2008 at 11:50

Thank you for the reminder. I got so caught up in my rising food bill that I forgot that those who were already struggling are only having a harder time.

admin - 22 June 2008 at 14:49

I know, I always try not to forget how people are struggling in some countries. At least we can do is to choose not to ignore these facts.

BillyWarhol - 23 June 2008 at 12:37

Yeah it's crazy insane - especially with the Huge amounts of $$$ we waste on War + Arms*

I just read an interesting article on Top Things we can do ie Most Bang for the Buck* - Vitamin A + D + Zinc + Malaria Netting + 10 others for a combined $85 Billion Dollars - would Help*


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