Speed-reading, skill for 21st century

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Web content growth follows exponential line. New blogs, new websites, micro-blogging services, video and image directories, they all contribute to this super growth. We can’t see where this ends and new tools are required just to follow such a huge diversity of content. Social networks are one way of handling this problem. Another one comes on more personal level.

Speed-reading is technique developed to help people read faster. You probably think how this decreases material comprehension, but tests have shown just the opposite. Speed-reading brings better understanding of reading material. Theory says that human eyes and brain are actually not build for what we call normal reading speed. They are more suitable for faster reading, even speeds when reading is not appropriate term. There are people who can read extremely fast, entire text page within few seconds. Remember that this skill is developed and has effects similar to those of people with photographic memory.

If you imagine our future in few decades, can you see speed-reading learning in schools? Is speed-reading appropriate skill for 21st century?

You can test yourself in speed-reading here . My results are 508 words / minute with 73% correct answers on comprehension test. How about you?

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hair irons - 14 June 2008 at 11:46

The ability to quickly scan a document and get the main idea of it is worth a lot. There is so much info out there it could take forever to find exactly what you need and get it read. This would help out a lot!
I can also see them using the hearing it while you sleep thing more to enhance learning.

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