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Twitter is micro-blogging platform, short messages service, great marketing tool and much more. Since everyone talks about it and using it sometimes it’s hard to imagine that twitter is around from 2006 when it feels like it’s here for much longer.

As webomatik, my presence on Twitter is very young, from May 23rd. I have just few updates, few followers and I follow people with similar interests as this blog. Take a look and add me as a friend, I’ll add you back.

My Twitter page: webomatik

You don’t have much choice when you use twitter to promote yourself, then you will take /yourname page, or when you want to promote your blog, then you will use page like I did, but Twitter username is very important and you should think about it. Take a look how you can attract followers with only one message when your username is original.

good twitter name

Mysteriously unnamed has excellent sense for this. With original username /1 and only one update, one year ago, he (or she) has over 50 followers. Off course, this is extreme, but choosing good Twitter username is really challenging. Imagine what could you do if you had a chance to take names like /vista or /newyork or /beijing before some else?

We will see what will be when more similar services like Twitter appear (try Plurk, Jaiku, Plazes or Tumblr), but it’s only a question of time when usernames will start to sell. Or maybe it’s already started and I’m unaware of it?

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