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We are all aware (more or less) how important for Internet marketing is membership and active participation with social network web services like BlogCatalog, Technorati, Twitter and many others. Meeting new people, generating blog traffic, finding quality content are all reasons why anyone should learn a thing or two about this services.

Few days ago I have finally become new user of StumbleUpon family (now over 5,2 millions members). I’m in constant search for great content, free services and new web technologies and I’m trying to present my findings here. From now own everything I discover here will be on my StumbleUpon page, but also and much more, because it is virtually impossible for me to write about everything this man-powered spider finds.

Feel free to see my StumbleUpon profile , add me as a friend, I would like to see what is interesting for you in blogosphere. Hope will write more about my StumbleUpon experience later.

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