Tuesday, 29 July 2008

New Search Engine Concepts

Thanks to tamalanwar and lilyarbee for taking my invitation to explore new search engine Scour, that pays you to search, comment and vote on search results. In previous post about Scour I didn't mentioned that you need to accumulate 6500 points to receive $25. Right now, only two users have enough, which shows how young is this search engine.

New search engine concepts are born very fast these days. It seems like Google is taking quite hard punches, but we can't see any damage. Is Google already too big to have a competitor in web searching?

I wanted to mention just two search engines which you might missed. First one is SearchMe, very fun to use, just try it. Second one from some unexplained reason has become most popular story in last few days both on web and major standard media. I'm talking about Cuil. Designed by ex Google engineers, Cuil claims to be "the world's biggest search engine", yes, bigger than Google. Just a quick test, Cuil gives 92 results when search for Webomatik and Google 10.400 - BIG difference.

Variety in search engines is welcomed. Some may fear that Google will become on web the same as Microsoft was (is) in Operating Systems, but I don't think that will ever be the case because changing OS is much harder than changing favorite search engine or web email client, which is just a click away. On the other hand, someone is maybe producing fear-of-google, who knows why?

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Natali said...

There is a new search engine. The new visual search engine, it is only for kids.