Plurk When You Can't Twit

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What's the point of cool Twitter name when service is down few times a day! To many connections for such popular service is not acceptable. But, reality is different and when you can't twit, you can Plurk.

Plurk is a little bit different. Plurk has Karma. Plurk members have Karma, right on the scale from zero to 100. You can get Karma if you update your profile, if you plurk quality plurks every day, if you response on other plurks or if you invite more friends, so you can plurk together. You can also loose Karma, which is bad. If you have low Karma you will, beside returning to Earth in your next life as lower form of life, you will not get access to exclusive emoticons! Damn!

Plurk has a timeline, Twitter doesn't. Plurk has also a mobile page. Which one is better? It depends what criteria are you looking at. For now, Plurk is more time online, but Twitter has more members.

what is Plurk?
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