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Just a week ago, Graham, founder of EntreCard has started something that very fast got out of control. His idea was to create user group on Digg who's members are EntreCard users. Idea spread like a virus and just few days later group got over 300 members.

What is remarkable is fact that almost everyone is friend with everyone else. In theory, if all members are active every submitted story will hit home page of Digg 100%, and we all know what that means. This is very powerful, but it's just a theory. Not everyone is active, not everyone diggs and we are not sure how Digg will react, because some may think this is a little bit of gaming a system. Take in account that not every submitted article is quality one.

You can join this group by adding all members as friends and you can start by adding me: webomatik and than adding all my friends. You will get response fast. Some new problems occurred. Graham reacted with Digg Pro-torial, blog post on how to customize your performance. First day I got over 100 emails from Digg, because I didn't change default setting which sends me email for every shout. Make sure to uncheck this option.

Don't shout to many times and don't shout same story to entire group, it's really annoying. Once or twice a day is enough. Actually, there is a limit to 100 members per shouts. Here is one tip. When you digg someone's story, you can shout that member with your link. I got great response doing like this. People are happy when they see I dugg their story and they are willing to digg mine. One of the stories I submitted "10 Proven Ways to Kill Your Blog" got 60+ diggs and 12 comments in 24 hours which is for me new record.

EC user group on Digg is awesome way to promote your content and to find interesting new stuff, but use it wisely and don't spam others.

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Susanne F - 6 July 2008 at 12:10

I don't think I get this. The traffic is from your "friends" who digg your article and you want a digg in return. These friends are only interested in getting a digg in return.
Talking about getting a good rank in Google you only need one digg to get there.
To get to the front page of Digg you need many diggs and these diggs must not come from your friends.
Not to mention a good quality of your article/post.

Which brings me to: "only shout 1 or twice a day", I haven't seen the average person or any person for that matter writing a quality article every day.
My suggestion is only 1 per week, choose your best from the past 7 days and then send your shout.

admin - 6 July 2008 at 13:02

Hello Susanne and thanks for joining. Off course, you are not suppose to trade diggs, but you should only digg stories you like, that's a golden rule. I'm not sure about Google rank.

Your suggestion to shout once in 7 days may be OK for some, but that doesn't mean you can't find one good story per day to submit, whether it is yours or by others. I'm just saying that shouting more than once a day is too annoying and other can penalize you via unfriend button.

Pam - 6 July 2008 at 14:35

I'm not sure it's clear, but submitting an article, "digging" an article, and shouting an article are all different activities. Submitting an article simply makes it available for people who read it to dig it. Digging an article is your statement that you like the article (and, of course you can add a comment as well, if you like). Shouting an article tells your selected (or all) friends that the article is out there and is worthy their time to read. Shouting is the only one of these three activities that sends an email out to your friends. You can submit an article and not shout it.

As people drop their entrecards, they can dig an ariticle if it's been submitted to dig. I think that was the original intent of the entrecard dig group. It provides a way to drop and dig without spending a lot more time then simply dropping your entrecard does everyday anyway.

I can tell you that for me, if I'm receiving multiple shouts from a single "friend" and I don't find value in the articles, I will unfriend them!

Which is probably what will happen to a lot of the entrecard diggers due to the very broad range of interests anyway.

I don't know if that helps any. But that's my understanding of the entrecard digg community.

Ken Armstrong - 7 July 2008 at 04:32

Years ago, I used to go out with someone who shouted at me once a day...

... it didn't work out.

Interesting post.

Sandra Cobb - 7 July 2008 at 11:48

The EC Digg user group will obviously go through some growing pains. I like the fact that I am in this "group" because it's easier to see articles by my favorite bloggers.

However, I have already unfriended a couple of people due to shouting. I submitted a couple of articles by other bloggers because they were good. I haven't sent any shouts. I agree that that the shout should be on a really good post, not every post.

I won't blatantly digg or submit if I haven't found something worthy of it.

Samsara - 14 July 2008 at 20:12

One thing to *not* do that I've seen a LOT recently; and mostly from Entrecard members who maybe don't know better... Don't promise to exchange Diggs w/ someone in shout and then go to their Digg article to ask for the reciprocation [complete with link] because they haven't Dugg your article yet.

#1, It's against Digg TOS to advertise in comments
#2, you de-value the original topic.
#3, you look like a self-serving ass.
#4, imagine if everyone did it.

I have only seen this proliferation since the Entrecard group was formed; and particularly the *expectation* of reciprocal Diggs. This is Digg; not Entrecard. It is NOT "drop" in exchange for "drop" here on Digg. And if you don't get that, then maybe you should spend more time being a spectator before you start playing.

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