They were just kidding about the money

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One month ago we introduced new and interesting search engine that pays you for your hard work of searching, voting and commenting. All you have to do is be patient until you collect 6.500 point and you become proud owner of $25. Not so easy thing to do since with one search you can get just few points if you vote and comment.

But that was last month. Few days ago, they suddenly changed reward schedule. While everything is the same for residents in US, Canada, UK and few more larger European countries (with Netherland as addition), rest of the world have new rules. Ok, you might say that’s expected, many web companies earn most of the money from western countries and smaller reward is not avoidable, but how much smaller? If you live outside of Babylon 2.0 you can earn $5 for 50.000 points. Let me write that again: five bucks for 50k points. That’s 40 times less. They were just kidding about the money!

I’m not surprised many people (including webomatik) are very disappointed, specially because many have already collected 4 or 5 thousand points. Read more reactions.

What do you think about their action?

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Spam has killed web experience

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Free e-mail web services like Gmail, Mail, GMX and others are always welcomed by users. Every one of them is trying to be better and more attractive to customers. To do that new features are added often, but still, nobody can't tell they succeeded in one very important aspect of e-mail business : fighting spam.

Spam is for years true menace and it really depends on how you handle it, but for some spam is web experience killer. Web services are fighting it on many levels and new techniques and algorithms are being developed, but it doesn't seem they will exterminate it. Spam will exist as long as spammers exist and maybe even beyond!

Just yesterday I was trying Inbox - free e-mail service. To register is simple, it only takes few moments. Interface is great and features are not bad either. You get 2 GB of online storage, photo sharing feature, notes application and nice organizer. Standard features are also there like POP3 access, autoresponder, black/white list. Spam options have several filter levels from "do not use spam filter" to "exclusive", meaning only contacts e-mails are not spam.

free e-mail service web application

spam messages in inbox
New thing I haven't seen before is called challenge/response spam protection. When you receive e-mail from unknown sender it goes to unverified folder waiting for your approve or block. After that: "The sender of such an email will receive an email containing a verification link. After the verification process is completed, the sender will be considered approved and his next email will be delivered to your inbox."

Great, now I can spam the spammers! I'm not sure how good this feature is because within few hours I got 12 spam e-mail messages and I haven't sent one e-mail.

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Best Blog Footers are Standalone Creations

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As you might noticed Webomatik doesn't have outstanding footer. Main reason for this situation is lack of real need for it. But this is going to change in the no-so-distant-future.

You may think of blog footer as a bonus, an option, but for some bloggers, footer is great opportunity both for design display and functionality benefits. Best footers for me are those we can consider standalone creations. Sometimes I think: "This one doesn't need this blog above !!!" and those are best footers for me.

Here is small collection of blogs with great footers. If you know of one you really like, feel free to comment about it.





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How to Search For PDF Files and Avoid Hoaxes

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The best way to find interesting documents and e-books on the web is to use Google. All you need to do is to type filetype:PDF in search box with your search term and you are done.

Last few days many bloggers reported about new PDF search engines out there and I was really surprised when I checked them out. I'm talking about PDFGeni and PDF Search Engine.

While PDF Geni still in beta, they work in same way. Actually they are so similar I wouldn't be surprised there is same author(s) behind both services. They look the same, they have same functionality and they are both hoax.

You can check for yourself how much Google is generous with results. I got 561k for "Ajax", 662k for "Olympic Games" and outstanding 8.980k for "NASA". That's a lot! I'm sure if I wanted to find something specific within those results I can. Now back to the "new PDF search engines". PDF Geni will give you 32 results on any request and PDF Search Engine is just a bit better, you will get top 50 results. Problem is that's all! There is no 2nd and 3rd page. This is the key of the hoax. If you want to see more results, you might be tempted to click on arrows just on top of results list, but that's just Google's ad, nothing more. Completely the same story with both websites and completely useless services.

How those "web services" got so much reviews on blogs I really don't have a clue. If they payed for them, they must be very rich. And what about bloggers who wrote about them, will their authority ever be questioned? I guess that's in the hand of readers.

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Final Contest, August Winners

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This is first month of Final Contest. We had 5 participants who qualified with confirmed email RSS subscription and comment: Achmad, Sherry, JC, Se7en and Arun. Randomly chosen winners of Final Contest August edition are:

1. Achmad - 6 months free ad spot
2. Se7en - 1050 EntreCard credits


Final Contest is continuing and next edition is September. Winners will be announced on 15th September. First prize is the same, six months free ad spot on home page. Second prize is the same, 50% of all Webomatik EntreCard credits, but minimum 1.000 (good reason to drop your card here). Rules are almost the same, meaning, from this month on, ALL confirmed email RSS subscribers are included as Final Contest participants and you don't have to leave comment any more, just subscribe via email and you are OK to win.

One more thing. Participants are counted by email which means if someone subscribe with two different email addresses and confirm both of them, he has two tickets and more chances to win. I'm considering more prizes and if you have any suggestions feel free to comment about it. Thanks.

p.s. Achmad should leave desired link and anchor text.

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Help Fight Climate Change Now !!!

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Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

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Analize Your RSS Feed

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Recently, we discussed RSS Feed Compare free web service and we mentioned how number of RSS readers is good indication of blog worth. Let's continue in same direction now and let's find out how some web services use this fact.

BlogPerfume is WordPress resources related blog, but has a page Feed Analysis, useful for everyone with RSS feed burnt via FeedBurner. It doesn't matter what kind of blog platform you are using, WordPress, Blogger, TypePad or whatever, as long as you have FeedBurner feed and one more thing: you have to make your feed data public. This can be done easily by logging to your FeedBurner account, but you have to do this, because default option is disabled.

This service allows you to see number of subscribers, hits, views and clicks for every single day, displayed via charts. You can also see best/worst day of the week.

RSS Feed Analysis
Another valuable info you can check is growth rate of RSS subscribers and predictions for the next 3, 6 or 12 months. Predictions for Webomatik says that this blog will have about 374 RSS subscribers in 12 months.

RSS number predictions
Finally, Feed Analysis gives you estimated blog value, according to the RSS subscribers. As you can see from image below, Webomatik has estimated value between $126 and $252 and banner ads value of $2 per month. This is still non-profit pleasure only blog, but I'm sure many of you will find informations about your creations valuable and useful. To check your blog use next link:

but instead of WEBOMATIK use your own FeedBurner user name. How much is your blog worth?

estimated webomatik blog value
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Web is right direction

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The Web is our playground. But not only a playground, it is business office, social environment, breaking news media. Web services will eliminate need for almost all desktop software and it already started to happen. Tons of useful web applications are already there waiting to be consumed.

Webomatik has a mission to test some of them, to find alternative uses for others and write about connections between web services that can produce new quality. We have just started to explore this brave new world of webware, so stay tuned and give support to web2.0 enthusiasts.

webware, web2.0 directory

If you want to learn some basics about cool web2.0 apps, you should take a look at Webware. This directory is updated few times a day and has excellent newbie's guide about some of the most popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google RSS and Flock. You can also find winners of Webware 100 best web2.0 apps in different categories chosen with over 1.9 million votes of Internet users across the globe.

New web2.0 startups are emerging every day and that's why general directories are not enough, but they need support of user blogs with personal touch about the subject. If you are author of one or you know about one, leave comment with link to it, Webomatik will appreciate it.

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