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Recently, we discussed RSS Feed Compare free web service and we mentioned how number of RSS readers is good indication of blog worth. Let's continue in same direction now and let's find out how some web services use this fact.

BlogPerfume is WordPress resources related blog, but has a page Feed Analysis, useful for everyone with RSS feed burnt via FeedBurner. It doesn't matter what kind of blog platform you are using, WordPress, Blogger, TypePad or whatever, as long as you have FeedBurner feed and one more thing: you have to make your feed data public. This can be done easily by logging to your FeedBurner account, but you have to do this, because default option is disabled.

This service allows you to see number of subscribers, hits, views and clicks for every single day, displayed via charts. You can also see best/worst day of the week.

RSS Feed Analysis
Another valuable info you can check is growth rate of RSS subscribers and predictions for the next 3, 6 or 12 months. Predictions for Webomatik says that this blog will have about 374 RSS subscribers in 12 months.

RSS number predictions
Finally, Feed Analysis gives you estimated blog value, according to the RSS subscribers. As you can see from image below, Webomatik has estimated value between $126 and $252 and banner ads value of $2 per month. This is still non-profit pleasure only blog, but I'm sure many of you will find informations about your creations valuable and useful. To check your blog use next link:

but instead of WEBOMATIK use your own FeedBurner user name. How much is your blog worth?

estimated webomatik blog value
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