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Free e-mail web services like Gmail, Mail, GMX and others are always welcomed by users. Every one of them is trying to be better and more attractive to customers. To do that new features are added often, but still, nobody can't tell they succeeded in one very important aspect of e-mail business : fighting spam.

Spam is for years true menace and it really depends on how you handle it, but for some spam is web experience killer. Web services are fighting it on many levels and new techniques and algorithms are being developed, but it doesn't seem they will exterminate it. Spam will exist as long as spammers exist and maybe even beyond!

Just yesterday I was trying Inbox - free e-mail service. To register is simple, it only takes few moments. Interface is great and features are not bad either. You get 2 GB of online storage, photo sharing feature, notes application and nice organizer. Standard features are also there like POP3 access, autoresponder, black/white list. Spam options have several filter levels from "do not use spam filter" to "exclusive", meaning only contacts e-mails are not spam.

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spam messages in inbox
New thing I haven't seen before is called challenge/response spam protection. When you receive e-mail from unknown sender it goes to unverified folder waiting for your approve or block. After that: "The sender of such an email will receive an email containing a verification link. After the verification process is completed, the sender will be considered approved and his next email will be delivered to your inbox."

Great, now I can spam the spammers! I'm not sure how good this feature is because within few hours I got 12 spam e-mail messages and I haven't sent one e-mail.

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Wendy - 28 August 2008 at 04:39

Sounds like a neat email system If I didn't have so many emails now I might just give it go myself.

Have a great day

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