They were just kidding about the money

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One month ago we introduced new and interesting search engine that pays you for your hard work of searching, voting and commenting. All you have to do is be patient until you collect 6.500 point and you become proud owner of $25. Not so easy thing to do since with one search you can get just few points if you vote and comment.

But that was last month. Few days ago, they suddenly changed reward schedule. While everything is the same for residents in US, Canada, UK and few more larger European countries (with Netherland as addition), rest of the world have new rules. Ok, you might say that’s expected, many web companies earn most of the money from western countries and smaller reward is not avoidable, but how much smaller? If you live outside of Babylon 2.0 you can earn $5 for 50.000 points. Let me write that again: five bucks for 50k points. That’s 40 times less. They were just kidding about the money!

I’m not surprised many people (including webomatik) are very disappointed, specially because many have already collected 4 or 5 thousand points. Read more reactions.

What do you think about their action?

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