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The Web is our playground. But not only a playground, it is business office, social environment, breaking news media. Web services will eliminate need for almost all desktop software and it already started to happen. Tons of useful web applications are already there waiting to be consumed.

Webomatik has a mission to test some of them, to find alternative uses for others and write about connections between web services that can produce new quality. We have just started to explore this brave new world of webware, so stay tuned and give support to web2.0 enthusiasts.

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If you want to learn some basics about cool web2.0 apps, you should take a look at Webware. This directory is updated few times a day and has excellent newbie's guide about some of the most popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google RSS and Flock. You can also find winners of Webware 100 best web2.0 apps in different categories chosen with over 1.9 million votes of Internet users across the globe.

New web2.0 startups are emerging every day and that's why general directories are not enough, but they need support of user blogs with personal touch about the subject. If you are author of one or you know about one, leave comment with link to it, Webomatik will appreciate it.

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