Friday, 12 September 2008

Contact Form Blogger Solution

Is it possible to create contact form for Blogger Platform blogs? Yes, it is, but why bother if you can use already made and totally free web service.

Contact form is easy and elegant way to stay in touch with your readers and to allow them to participate in your blog growth via suggestions and messages. If you are not writing only for yourself and you need that important touch of interactivity, your blogging experience will be richer and more meaningful. To get to this point you will need two way communication.

Kontactr is one-click free contact form web service. You can display your personal contact form in several different ways. One way is to include regular text link, like I did on main menu with Contact link. When you click that link contact form is opened. Write your name and message and what is also important displayed enter code designed to refuse robots to collect your email address. After sending a message, you are redirected to previous page. Cool.

There is an option to include contact form using plain old HTML or to use ajax-based widget if you want to allow your reader not to leave your blog. By using Kontactr, your email is protected from spammers. Try it, click on Contact link on menu and send me a message. Tell me what you think how I can improve this blog, what you would like to see here or just say hello.

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Edu Giansante said...

this website is no longer live!