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For those of you who think spam has killed web experience, new web applications might offer few possible solutions. One solution is to use free temporary e-mail address. Problem with this one is your address lasts very short period of time, for 15 minutes or so.

When you leave your e-mail address at forums, in blog comments or anywhere else, bots and spiders are there to harvest it, so spammers can use it. Very often people use masking techniques and instead of they write something like me {at} email {dot} com or any other parenthesis, but I think this is not enough since all you need is smarter bot to harvest this one too. uses combination of URL shortening service and reCaptcha, free anti-bot service to protect your email address from automated harvesters. In fact reCaptcha has it's own similar service. Both of them have Application Programming Interface.

This web service will protect your email address from automated harvesters but can't do anything against human spammers, they can get your email address with a single click, so there is no 100% spam protection. Another thing I found missing with Tinymail is unsubscribe link, there is no way (yet) to delete your email address from their database.

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