Final Contest September Edition

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Today, Webomatik is proud to announce winners of Final Contest September Edition, monthly contest where you can win 6 months free ad spot and 50% of all current Webomatik's EntreCard credits. To participate, you have to subscribe to this blog via e-mail and to confirm your subscription.

We have 26 participants this month who qualified with active email subscription. Randomly chosen Winners are:

1. extremeezine [at] gmail [dt] com - 6 months free homepage ad spot
2. jsguru3 [at] gmail [dt] com - 1.450 EntreCard credits

Congrats to Winners, others more luck next month!
extremeezine should provide link and desired anchor text.

Participants are counted by email which means if someone subscribe with two different email addresses and confirm both of them, he has two tickets and more chances to win. I'm considering more prizes and if you have any suggestions feel free to comment about it. Thanks.

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