September Edition Contest Update

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It's less than a week now from announcing winners of Final Contest September Edition. Only verified email subscribers can take part in this monthly Contest. From total 22 email subscribers, few of them are not verified, but still have time to activate subscription: aleeya.saaid, madeforsense, nathan.hembrow, sudhannn and Tomcat1228. On 15th this month one participant will get 6 months free ad spot and another lucky winners will get 50% of current Webomatik's entrecard credits (right now total account credits : 2260 )!

Everyone can join, just confirm email subscription. RSS Reader subscribers can't participate.

Another new thing here on Webomatik is about Lifetime Drops List. Blogs who haven't updated for more than one month will loose their every day drops status and those who haven't updated for more than two months will be deleted from the list completely. I think this is fair because if blog isn't updated for two months we can conclude it won't be ever and EC credits will not be utilized. If you want to join Entrecard Lifetime Drops List, read the rules first. Backlink to home page is requirement, backlink to List post isn't! There are List members right now with only backlink to List post, but I will leave them on the list...for now.

If you have any suggestions about Final Contest or Entrecard Lifetime Drops, feel free to comment about it, I will appreciate it. Thanks.

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admin - 11 September 2008 at 14:47

radix86 confirmed, thanks.

I deleted your comment because you typed full email address, which is bad for spiders and spam :)

email prefix is enough - radix86

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