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One of the easy ways to create and use simple web2.0 background for blog or website is described in one of the previous posts here on Webomatik.

Another great free web service to do the same thing is Tiled Backgrounds Designer. You can browse and vote for best background tile. Every tile is available for download and you can use it as your blog background. You can set tile colors, choose from different canvases, manipulate image scale, location and opacity and even set rotation angle. Samples are really great.

You can even try to create better pattern than those available and become the champion! Background is more important than you think. Consider situation when you have one or two column blog template with width less or equal to 800 pixels. Visitors with higher resolutions will see default background color. Sometimes, and I really don't like when I see it, blog is left align not centered. This really ruins the blog looks and if you are not familiar with basic blog design, you may even stay unaware of this situation. Don't let this happen, grab your favorite tile background or create one!

free web2.0 tiled backgrounds designer
Feel free to contact me if you don't know how to set background for your blog.

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