Friday, 26 September 2008

YouAre Microblogging Platform

youare microblogging platform logoWhen you say microblogging, first thought is most probably Twitter. But there are many new startups using same web2.0 form, trying to bring microblogging to the next level. One of those startups is YouAre.

From their press kit > YouAre is a free service to share what you are doing, your interests and your professional profile with your friends and colleagues -- and anyone you want to connect with. On YouAre, you can share what you are doing and your interests using text, video, and images in a fast and concise way using 140 characters.

You can promote your professional skills and services, and get to know more people in your online network, local area, or target audience. You can control which updates you receive to include just real life friends, online friends, acquaintances, co-workers, colleagues, and family. You can also import content from your YouTube, Flickr, and accounts. SMS communication is something they are working on.

YouAre is Blogs Media products, Spanish company (which is very refreshing to see) founded by Jose Luis Antunez (CEO), man behind successful

What I really like is professional section of settings where you can add your education, employment history, CV etc. This is in my opinion entire new dimension for microblogging which brings functionality of LinkedIn. Don't forget YouAre is still in deep beta, some bugs may be present and not all functionality is released yet. Check my updates and add me as a friend: (sorry, I don't have any invitations).

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