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Some think it is very important what we do with our online profiles and how do we present ourselves to do wider audience. It doesn't matter what service we are talking about every one of social services has profile page where you can write short bio, put link to your blog or email and upload your photo or avatar. There are differences between services, but basic options are often similar.

Whenever you can, change default profile image, specially if you use Twitter and you want to build bigger network of followers, because default image tells about yourself more than you think in negative way.

If you don't want to upload your own photo, for some reason, you can create avatar, graphic representation of yourself using some of free avatar generator services. One of those is Face Your Manga, Flash based application where you can make thousands unique combinations by choosing sex, hair style, color, face lines, face parts, clothes and many others.

free twitter avatar
They require some data from you like email address, age, name if you want to download your avatar. But you can easily hack this service if you don't like unwanted spam or just you can't be bothered. When you finish creating your avatar, just press PrintScreen keyboard key (Windows users), open your favorite (open source) graphic editor and paste your creation. Small hack to make life easier.

When you finish updating your Twitter profile, feel free to add me as a friend, I want to see what kind of avatar you have created.

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