Wind of Change

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Webomatik is nearly one year old (if we count active blogging period) and it's time for some changes. This blog deserves better structure and some new goals. Interests are not different, but only wider and because this blog is still about web2.0 enthusiasm new perspectives are appearing.

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Final Contest is closed

Some time ago Webomatik started Final contest, monthly prizes giveaway, but since last two months winners of free 6 months ad spot haven't contacted me with details, I figured it doesn't make any sense to continue with contest.

Lifetime Drops is suspended

It was great fun to visit and 'drop' blogs on Lifetime Drops List in last few months. However list grew and I found myself spending at least one hour every single day doing this which is very time consuming. I will suspend Lifetime Drops List for a month to use that extra time on some new things and after that I hope I will continue with it.

New interests

You can expect to read some new stuff here about web development. This will include subjects like XHTML/CSS techniques and layouts development, Blogger and website templates, maybe even Flash and JavaScript stuff like frameworks and tutorials. Old interests in free web services will remain important part of Webomatik experience.

You are invited to join the team.

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hair straigheners - 12 November 2008 at 10:37

Contests on blogs are just not the draw they used to be. You have to give away an iPod or something for them to come back.

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