New Project for New Year

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image by JasonRogers

I've been thinking about this idea for a long time and since new year is just few days away it is the perfect time to start with new project.

My idea is group blogging project blog with Society / Culture / Civilization niche. Several authors, one for each continent: S.America, N.America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe. If you want to join and write in the name of Asia, you must live in Asia, etc.

Every week all authors will write about same subject and posts will be published on different days. This means every author will need to write only 4 articles per month and blog will be updated every day! We will start with free Blogger platform blog and expand later. Revenues will be shared on performance basis.

If you want to join leave comment here or contact via e-mail gmbportal [at] gmail [dot] com

Project will start as soon as possible. Here is BC (BlogCatalog) discussion page.

image by JasonRogers.

Boost Your Twitter Followers Number

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If you don't have a clue what Twitter is, you are probably using Internet in small pockets, in that case check it out and explore entire new Twitter Universe. You can also become my follower by clicking here and will follow you back.

If you already know about it and if you using it, you are than aware how important is to have many followers if your goal is to use Twitter as marketing tool. There are many tips how to boost your Twitter followers number. One of them is to join different group within your interests. Group members are often open to follow back.

One group which members act like this is EntreCard Twitter Group. I have personally checked this fact since my followers number increased to 113. You have two options. First one is to add all EntreCard Twitter from the list and wait for them to add you. Another option (my choice) is to add yourself to the list and wait for them to add you, so you add them back right after.

This option is better in my opinion, because you avoid situation where you following number is much bigger than followers number. This is not always good, because some research shows how decision to follow someone or not depends on following / followers relation. Why? Because many Twitter users think you are spammer if you have much bigger following number.

Anyway, my new Twitter comrades who use EntreCard have been excellent in using Twitter, providing interesting links, good thoughts and funny lines. No spammers there.

5 Websites I Can't Live Without Anymore

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Since The Change, my bookmarks list has grown big time and I hope in 2009 it will grow even bigger. Here are top 5 websites I can't live without anymore:

This is the place where I search for inspiration, ways to improve and organize better, listen fellow freelancers about their paths. In days without new posts I browse archive and I always like to see new Freelance Freedom Comic.

Freelance Folder is complementary blog to previous one and when I can't satisfy myself with daily FS reading, Freelancer Folder comes to comfort me.

PSD Tuts and NET tuts are two more blogs from same envato network, just like Freelance Switch. Look, I'm not their evangelist, I just like their work. In fact, I didn't knew until recently FS and Tuts blogs are part of the same network. PSD Tuts and NET Tuts are blogs where I learn new stuff every day.

Finally, if everything above is not enough during my morning news and updates check I go to Pixel2Life, never ending list of tutorial in every category you can imagine, from 2D and 3D Graphics to Website Development and Desktop Programming.

Free Website Template, Ocean Awareness

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Based on previous free template Green Awareness, this new free website template is almost the same, except for few details.

This one is called Ocean Awareness and you may notice how colors are changed to suit the theme. Sidebar is slightly changed with addition of search field. Again, click on the image to see full size preview.

free website template ocean awareness

Since there was interest for my previous template, I decided to give all coming templates away for free. Only request is e-mail subscription (which is not much, you must admit). How to get this template? Easy, contact me via form or leave comment with your e-mail address and template request. When I confirm your e-mail address is on my subscription list I'll send you current template free of charge (or all of them if you wish!).

Next template I'm working on right now is 'soldiers template' and will be available shortly as PSD file.

Interactive jQuery plugin : QuickFlip

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Not everything related to jQuery is interesting to me. I'm not at all interested in writing my own plugins and messing with JavaScript. I'm not interested in regular expressions and I'm not gonna learn every single plugin out there. What I'm interested in are effects and how to use jQuery commands to simplify some tasks and templates issues. I can say I'm just regular user, not a developer.

One of the effects I like is interactive QuickFlip jQuery Plugin, created by Jon Raasch. This plugin is currently version 0.1 and it 'uses a CSS trick to cause a div, paragraph or any other piece of HTML markup to flip like a card'.

QuickFlip jQuery Plugin
After downloading the code, I tried to follow the instructions and create one simple example for myself and it didn't go well. I got the change but not the flip itself. I decided not to waste much time so I asked Jon for a quick standalone example and he zipped and email to me one. It worked like a charm and I could understand the code, also. I guess this effect can't be done using animate and queue commands.