5 Websites I Can't Live Without Anymore

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Since The Change, my bookmarks list has grown big time and I hope in 2009 it will grow even bigger. Here are top 5 websites I can't live without anymore:

This is the place where I search for inspiration, ways to improve and organize better, listen fellow freelancers about their paths. In days without new posts I browse archive and I always like to see new Freelance Freedom Comic.

Freelance Folder is complementary blog to previous one and when I can't satisfy myself with daily FS reading, Freelancer Folder comes to comfort me.

PSD Tuts and NET tuts are two more blogs from same envato network, just like Freelance Switch. Look, I'm not their evangelist, I just like their work. In fact, I didn't knew until recently FS and Tuts blogs are part of the same network. PSD Tuts and NET Tuts are blogs where I learn new stuff every day.

Finally, if everything above is not enough during my morning news and updates check I go to Pixel2Life, never ending list of tutorial in every category you can imagine, from 2D and 3D Graphics to Website Development and Desktop Programming.

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