New Project for New Year

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image by JasonRogers

I've been thinking about this idea for a long time and since new year is just few days away it is the perfect time to start with new project.

My idea is group blogging project blog with Society / Culture / Civilization niche. Several authors, one for each continent: S.America, N.America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe. If you want to join and write in the name of Asia, you must live in Asia, etc.

Every week all authors will write about same subject and posts will be published on different days. This means every author will need to write only 4 articles per month and blog will be updated every day! We will start with free Blogger platform blog and expand later. Revenues will be shared on performance basis.

If you want to join leave comment here or contact via e-mail gmbportal [at] gmail [dot] com

Project will start as soon as possible. Here is BC (BlogCatalog) discussion page.

image by JasonRogers.

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