Music Search Engine : MixTurtle

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Nothing much to tell here. Simple web2.0 application acts as music search engine. Listen music right away or register, login and create playlists you can share, you even get your own sub-domain.

Controls are simple. There aren't any controls, just play and pause! How long this one will last, we'll see.

music search engine screenshot
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Fight Spam - Web2.0 Way

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For those of you who think spam has killed web experience, new web applications might offer few possible solutions. One solution is to use free temporary e-mail address. Problem with this one is your address lasts very short period of time, for 15 minutes or so.

When you leave your e-mail address at forums, in blog comments or anywhere else, bots and spiders are there to harvest it, so spammers can use it. Very often people use masking techniques and instead of they write something like me {at} email {dot} com or any other parenthesis, but I think this is not enough since all you need is smarter bot to harvest this one too. uses combination of URL shortening service and reCaptcha, free anti-bot service to protect your email address from automated harvesters. In fact reCaptcha has it's own similar service. Both of them have Application Programming Interface.

This web service will protect your email address from automated harvesters but can't do anything against human spammers, they can get your email address with a single click, so there is no 100% spam protection. Another thing I found missing with Tinymail is unsubscribe link, there is no way (yet) to delete your email address from their database.

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Blogger Top Commentators via JSON

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One of the solutions to include Top Commentators widget for (new XML) Blogger is via JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation. This solution uses Yahoo pipes to render RSS comments feed available from your Blogspot blog. You don't have to worry about technical details since making this widget a reality is actually a piece of cake and if you do want to learn a little bit about JavaScript Object Notation then goToAndRead Mastering JSON.

Take a look at the left sidebar column of this blog and locate Top Commentators title at the end. This is simple HTML/JavaScript widget and code you need to enter for your blog to generate same widget is displayed on image below. Replace red color BLOGNAME with your blog name and YOURNAME with your name used in comments to filter your own comments (optional). You can also change num=10 from the last line to some other number if you want to display different number of commentators. Don't forget that src parameter should be one line without blank spaces.

Blogger Top Commentators Widget Code

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YouAre Microblogging Platform

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youare microblogging platform logoWhen you say microblogging, first thought is most probably Twitter. But there are many new startups using same web2.0 form, trying to bring microblogging to the next level. One of those startups is YouAre.

From their press kit > YouAre is a free service to share what you are doing, your interests and your professional profile with your friends and colleagues -- and anyone you want to connect with. On YouAre, you can share what you are doing and your interests using text, video, and images in a fast and concise way using 140 characters.

You can promote your professional skills and services, and get to know more people in your online network, local area, or target audience. You can control which updates you receive to include just real life friends, online friends, acquaintances, co-workers, colleagues, and family. You can also import content from your YouTube, Flickr, and accounts. SMS communication is something they are working on.

YouAre is Blogs Media products, Spanish company (which is very refreshing to see) founded by Jose Luis Antunez (CEO), man behind successful

What I really like is professional section of settings where you can add your education, employment history, CV etc. This is in my opinion entire new dimension for microblogging which brings functionality of LinkedIn. Don't forget YouAre is still in deep beta, some bugs may be present and not all functionality is released yet. Check my updates and add me as a friend: (sorry, I don't have any invitations).

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Blogger Templates Tweaks and Blogger Showcase

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Blogging experience is much more appealing if your work is recognized by wider audience. Popularity can be measured in different ways, with traffic amount, number of comments, earnings or number of back links from other bloggers.

In my opinion, blog template is very important in achieving such goals and choosing right template is sometimes not enough, whether you use Blogger, WordPress or anything else. Template tweaks and constant modifications are also important because they can bring needed advantage.

blogger showcase logo

Blogger Showcase is template and blogs gallery of Blogger platform blogs (blogspot). They showcase the best original blogger designs, content blogs and modified free themes of blogger. In few cases you will be surprised how much blogspot blog can be great both with design and functionality. It's all a question of commitment to improve. Blogger Showcase will give you a chance to vote for your favorite blog, so be a friend and vote for Webomatik. You can vote for multiple blogs if you like. Comments are welcomed.

best blogger templates

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Twitter Data Mining Tips

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Great thing about Twitter (and other microblogging platforms) is accessibility of real-time informations, available at the moment of happening to whole world. This amazing feature has few impressive implications on how we see and use web services. We shouldn't ignore Twitter search engine, it is much more than simple search form because informations available are instant and if used properly we can transform this into real-time data mining tool.

Two modes of Twitter search engine are available, advanced search page and Twitter search operators. Search plugin for Firefox is available and if you are familiar with operators, this is the best searching solution. Actually, advanced search form gives same functionality as operators, but you need to load the page. Ah!

Advanced Twitter Search

Advanced Twitter search gives you an opportunity to find tweets based on words, people, places, dates, attitudes and presence of links. Operators do the same. Query : web2.0 directory will find all tweets containing both terms web2.0 and directory. Searching for phrase is same as with Google, you need to use quotes. Operator OR is logical operator of two queries. Operator - (minus) is logical operator that works similar as logical NOT. Other operators are : # - hashtag, from:, to:, @, near:, within:, since:, until:, :), :(, ? and operator filter:links.

Let's see some examples. If you want to find out who needs or offers help with web design use: web design help ? Now if you want to include only those who live near NYC use near and within: web design help ? near:London within:200mi. Notice how this query is very specific and you may get just few results. If you want to find out who wants to sell his house near New Orleans from some unexplained reason, try this query: sell house near:NewOrleans within:200mi. Now, what kind of car people buy these days? Try this query: "my new car" filter:links. Interesting results, don't you think?

Care to share what query did you use to help you find valuable informations?

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Final Contest September Edition

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Today, Webomatik is proud to announce winners of Final Contest September Edition, monthly contest where you can win 6 months free ad spot and 50% of all current Webomatik's EntreCard credits. To participate, you have to subscribe to this blog via e-mail and to confirm your subscription.

We have 26 participants this month who qualified with active email subscription. Randomly chosen Winners are:

1. extremeezine [at] gmail [dt] com - 6 months free homepage ad spot
2. jsguru3 [at] gmail [dt] com - 1.450 EntreCard credits

Congrats to Winners, others more luck next month!
extremeezine should provide link and desired anchor text.

Participants are counted by email which means if someone subscribe with two different email addresses and confirm both of them, he has two tickets and more chances to win. I'm considering more prizes and if you have any suggestions feel free to comment about it. Thanks.

free ad spots entrecard credits contest banner
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Contact Form Blogger Solution

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Is it possible to create contact form for Blogger Platform blogs? Yes, it is, but why bother if you can use already made and totally free web service.

Contact form is easy and elegant way to stay in touch with your readers and to allow them to participate in your blog growth via suggestions and messages. If you are not writing only for yourself and you need that important touch of interactivity, your blogging experience will be richer and more meaningful. To get to this point you will need two way communication.

Kontactr is one-click free contact form web service. You can display your personal contact form in several different ways. One way is to include regular text link, like I did on main menu with Contact link. When you click that link contact form is opened. Write your name and message and what is also important displayed enter code designed to refuse robots to collect your email address. After sending a message, you are redirected to previous page. Cool.

There is an option to include contact form using plain old HTML or to use ajax-based widget if you want to allow your reader not to leave your blog. By using Kontactr, your email is protected from spammers. Try it, click on Contact link on menu and send me a message. Tell me what you think how I can improve this blog, what you would like to see here or just say hello.

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September Edition Contest Update

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It's less than a week now from announcing winners of Final Contest September Edition. Only verified email subscribers can take part in this monthly Contest. From total 22 email subscribers, few of them are not verified, but still have time to activate subscription: aleeya.saaid, madeforsense, nathan.hembrow, sudhannn and Tomcat1228. On 15th this month one participant will get 6 months free ad spot and another lucky winners will get 50% of current Webomatik's entrecard credits (right now total account credits : 2260 )!

Everyone can join, just confirm email subscription. RSS Reader subscribers can't participate.

Another new thing here on Webomatik is about Lifetime Drops List. Blogs who haven't updated for more than one month will loose their every day drops status and those who haven't updated for more than two months will be deleted from the list completely. I think this is fair because if blog isn't updated for two months we can conclude it won't be ever and EC credits will not be utilized. If you want to join Entrecard Lifetime Drops List, read the rules first. Backlink to home page is requirement, backlink to List post isn't! There are List members right now with only backlink to List post, but I will leave them on the list...for now.

If you have any suggestions about Final Contest or Entrecard Lifetime Drops, feel free to comment about it, I will appreciate it. Thanks.

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Tiled Backgrounds Designer

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One of the easy ways to create and use simple web2.0 background for blog or website is described in one of the previous posts here on Webomatik.

Another great free web service to do the same thing is Tiled Backgrounds Designer. You can browse and vote for best background tile. Every tile is available for download and you can use it as your blog background. You can set tile colors, choose from different canvases, manipulate image scale, location and opacity and even set rotation angle. Samples are really great.

You can even try to create better pattern than those available and become the champion! Background is more important than you think. Consider situation when you have one or two column blog template with width less or equal to 800 pixels. Visitors with higher resolutions will see default background color. Sometimes, and I really don't like when I see it, blog is left align not centered. This really ruins the blog looks and if you are not familiar with basic blog design, you may even stay unaware of this situation. Don't let this happen, grab your favorite tile background or create one!

free web2.0 tiled backgrounds designer
Feel free to contact me if you don't know how to set background for your blog.

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Google Chrome First Experience

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Google has released Chrome, small interface, light-weight web browser. Interface is so tiny it even has dynamic status bar. On start, browser will display most visited sites in preview panes, something like Opera's Speed Dial, but based on your visits. First impressions after a couple of minutes of using Chrome are OK. Here is few things you can do with Google Chrome:

google chrome web browser logo1. Open Multiple Sites on Startup: This option can be set via Options / Basics tab and can be good way for one click (actually double-click quick start) if your web working routine is set.

2. Check the stats for nerds: If you want in-depth view into browser memory usage go to Contol / Developer / Task Manager and click on Stats for Nerds link or Shift+Esc for Task Manager and then link.

3. Go incognito: With Ctrl+Shift+N you can open new incognito window. The explanation follows "Pages you view in this window won't appear in your browser history or search history, and they won't leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however."

What is your Chrome experience (positive or negative) ?

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