Easy Transition to New Feedburner Explained

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You are maybe not aware, but Google is moving all Feedburner accounts to their servers. If you haven't already, you will be notified about it, because action is required! I hope you entered accessible e-mail address and you remember your password. This shift will have to end in next month or so.

Here is how to easily make a transition with few steps. It takes only a couple of minutes. Please, remember if you are now ready of this, wait for Google instructions, I'm not taking any responsibility for your mistakes. Thanks.

First, go to feedburner.com and sign in with your username and password.

When you log in, you'll see new notification with yellow background on page top area. Click on 'Move your account now'.

Next screen will ask you to choose if you want to use existing Google account or create new one. If your blog is on Blogger, like this one, you can use same account.

Next step is simplest one, just click Continue :)

You are all set to go, when you are ready click on Move Feeds.

Transition usually lasts under 1 minute, but it may be longer. After successful move, you will be notified about it. You are done! Go to feedburner.google.com, log in with your Google account username and password and that's it. I have enabled PingShot, usefull pinging service available on publicize tab. Not sure if this existed with old Feedburner, but was switched off by default.

Don't forget that your feed url is now changed to feed2.feedburner.com/yourname, but older links will redirect to this one, so no worries there.

Have you swithed already to new feedburner and did you noticed any changes in subscribers number?

New jQuery update, now v1.3.1

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Popular JavaScript framework jQuery celebrated third birthday with new version v1.3 few days ago. Bug fix release v1.3.1 followed a week later.

Most important new feature is probably inclusion of Sizzle, CSS selector engine created by John Resig as well, which is already announced to be included in other major JavaScript frameworks. Other features include Live Event, jQuery Event overhoul, HTML injection rewrite, Offset rewrite and exclusion of browser sniffing in order to make something that will last. Many other changes are also included.

image by Lachlan_Hardy

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Online File Storage with Hotlinking

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Never enough free web services and never enough online storages. Besides earlier mentioned free file hosting there are many other solutions, but some offer unique features like this next one.

FileDen is free online storage service which offers two types of accounts. Free one has 5Gb of monthly bandwidth, a 50mb maximum file size limit, 1Gb of personal storage place and most important hotlinking is allowed for all file extensions, videos and music and that means direct downloads. How crazy is that. My first thought are Flash MP3 Players, you only need to host player swf at home and all those music files hook at FileDen.

Paid account is even better. For $4.95 / month you can get up to 15 Gb space, 1 Gb file size limit and up to 100 Gb monthly bandwidth. For most situations free account is quite enough. They also store files on 'secure high-quality systems'. Servers are located in the Gnax datacentre, Atlanta and they have over 2 million registered users, something anyone can't ignore. They are around from April 2006.


Posts Date Image Evolution

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One of the very important things for me as a blogger is to constantly tweak and improve blog design. Every little thing matters, from sidebars to footer and posts appearance. Few days ago I have deleted small 'about us' section and replace it with laptop+text image on top of the sidebar.

In order to really see how some details have evolve take a look at changes of posts date image below.

post date image evolution

I can't remember anymore if first image came from original Jackbook template or it was my first tweak, but second one is small attempt to modify colors and blend it with the rest of blog look. Final image got me a 3D-ish effect. I'm sure future changes will be even better.

It's always better to try this changes by yourself, not copy anyone. That's the only way you'll be original and you'll express your own voice (even if your design isn't the best).

Another new thing is Atlas-like RSS button and twittercounter badge. Feel free to join 115+ twitter followers, I do follow back!

Footers are something I always check on every blog I visit, they can be outstanding sometimes. That's next blog design change I'm taking, but not before I come up with something unique.

Best of Webomatik in 2008

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First full year of blogging is behind Webomatik and it's time to look back a little bit. My personal favorites successes about this blog are increasing number of RSS subscribers to 50 and blog template makeover.

Most commented post (73 comments) and overall buzz has generated Free Entrecard Lifetime Drops, which is currently suspended, not terminated. Another good post which generated nice response was Searching for do follow blogs.

I'm very proud of few, but that's just a start, tutorial posts:

- Sliding Boxes Using jQuery
- Pure CSS Navigation
- Twitter Data Mining Tips

Finally, it's worth mentioning first free website templates, Ocean Awareness and Green Awareness.

I hope 2009 will bring even more posts, specially tutorial ones, new templates, more free web services reviews and few collaborations.