Online File Storage with Hotlinking

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Never enough free web services and never enough online storages. Besides earlier mentioned free file hosting there are many other solutions, but some offer unique features like this next one.

FileDen is free online storage service which offers two types of accounts. Free one has 5Gb of monthly bandwidth, a 50mb maximum file size limit, 1Gb of personal storage place and most important hotlinking is allowed for all file extensions, videos and music and that means direct downloads. How crazy is that. My first thought are Flash MP3 Players, you only need to host player swf at home and all those music files hook at FileDen.

Paid account is even better. For $4.95 / month you can get up to 15 Gb space, 1 Gb file size limit and up to 100 Gb monthly bandwidth. For most situations free account is quite enough. They also store files on 'secure high-quality systems'. Servers are located in the Gnax datacentre, Atlanta and they have over 2 million registered users, something anyone can't ignore. They are around from April 2006.


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Anonymous - 10 November 2009 at 02:23

I have been with Fileden since 2006, they recently lost everyones files from that time, they wont answer emails, and they wont allow posting on their help forum. Fileden are the LAST service I would recommend to anyone. I have lost about 60 unretrievable files, and they dont even care.

admin - 27 November 2009 at 17:49

thanks for the update, I haven't used fileden recently

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