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One of the very important things for me as a blogger is to constantly tweak and improve blog design. Every little thing matters, from sidebars to footer and posts appearance. Few days ago I have deleted small 'about us' section and replace it with laptop+text image on top of the sidebar.

In order to really see how some details have evolve take a look at changes of posts date image below.

post date image evolution

I can't remember anymore if first image came from original Jackbook template or it was my first tweak, but second one is small attempt to modify colors and blend it with the rest of blog look. Final image got me a 3D-ish effect. I'm sure future changes will be even better.

It's always better to try this changes by yourself, not copy anyone. That's the only way you'll be original and you'll express your own voice (even if your design isn't the best).

Another new thing is Atlas-like RSS button and twittercounter badge. Feel free to join 115+ twitter followers, I do follow back!

Footers are something I always check on every blog I visit, they can be outstanding sometimes. That's next blog design change I'm taking, but not before I come up with something unique.

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