Count Your Twitter Followers Greenland !

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Since @webomatik is close to 1,000 followers via Twitter and I expect to reach the milestone in next couple of days I thought I should type something related as I plan to activate a little more in Twitter networking.

One useful Twitter tool I'm using and it's probable you also are is TwitterCounter. If you want to track how your Twitter stats are changing you can use this free web service to see graph change for last week, last month or last 3 months. Thanks to @webaction who pointed out that TwitterCounter can crash your Firefox if you try to see your graph for last 3 months, but your account is not that old. I checked other browsers and IE, Opera, Google Chrome are safe from this bug, seems like only FF is affected.

That's not all. TwitterCounter offers many more services. TwitterCounter Badge is one of them. See sidebar for example, use it to show off and / or boost your ego. Twitter Remote is sidebar widget which helps you to connect with your fellow Twitterers via your blog, easily chat and recognize visitors by their Twitter account.

Check who is member of Top 100 or Top 10.000 users but also check Top users in every Time zone. I got to say that Greenland has more Twitter users than inhabitants! Webomatik is at 96th place right now.

There was much talk around blogosphere about using Twitter to generate income, but topic has to wait some other post.

How to stop losing customers for free

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If you are a webmaster, proud owner of several websites you already know how annoying can be situation when one of your precious sites are down and you find out about it day or two after the problem happened. Imagine how terrible it can be and how big negative impact can have such scenario if you are running a business via grounded website. Considering world economy crisis this is surely situation you want to avoid at any cost.

Well actually solution to this problem already exists and it's free. Meet Are my sites up? web service. This free service will give you an option to keep an eye on up to 20 sites at all times. Service checks your sites stunning 25 times per day and sends you unlimited notifications about it via e-mail, but maybe even better via SMS text message to your cell phone.

Use this service and you will stop losing your customers. Premium service also available. Another excellent idea.

Experimental Vector Logo Design Work

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Since recently Webomatik is engaged into experimental logo design work as part of main goal to try new things and expand reach and services. Target online service is 99designs marketplace which gathers over 27,000 designers and greenhorn starters. Every day there are few hundred open contests with over $100,000 prizes and with already almost $4M (that's millions of dollars) awarded.

There was a lot of talk around blogosphere about 99designs and negative ones mainly about how contests are not guaranteed and how designers actually work for free since contest holder doeasn't have to choose and award the winner. This has changed few days ago when guys from 99designs listened and implemented some new features and one of them ensures that ALL contests from now on are guaranteed. This will surely boost number of designers participating in this evolving marketplace.

Webomatik has entered in few contests with main goal to build small portfolio and not to take big money awards. Experience was great actually. Process of creating vector logo and receiving rates (stars in this case) and feedback is rewarding. In some Webomatik was very close to be included in final round (got 4 stars). Here is work sample.

logo design sample
This is post number 100 and to celebrate this occasion, Webomatik will do some free logo work for you. If you like what you see and you need new logo leave comment on this post (and any contact info) and ask for free logo. If more people wants the same, one will be choosen. Thanks.

Wanna free candy? Join the collective.

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This candy is sugar free. It is free magazine in PDF file format 'launched in June 2005 to showcase Irish creativity alongside international equivalents to worldwide audience'. Candy has grown from 46 pages magazine to 250 pages digital-only monster.

free pdf magazine

It's all about creativity.

p.s. this is post number 99!