Count Your Twitter Followers Greenland !

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Since @webomatik is close to 1,000 followers via Twitter and I expect to reach the milestone in next couple of days I thought I should type something related as I plan to activate a little more in Twitter networking.

One useful Twitter tool I'm using and it's probable you also are is TwitterCounter. If you want to track how your Twitter stats are changing you can use this free web service to see graph change for last week, last month or last 3 months. Thanks to @webaction who pointed out that TwitterCounter can crash your Firefox if you try to see your graph for last 3 months, but your account is not that old. I checked other browsers and IE, Opera, Google Chrome are safe from this bug, seems like only FF is affected.

That's not all. TwitterCounter offers many more services. TwitterCounter Badge is one of them. See sidebar for example, use it to show off and / or boost your ego. Twitter Remote is sidebar widget which helps you to connect with your fellow Twitterers via your blog, easily chat and recognize visitors by their Twitter account.

Check who is member of Top 100 or Top 10.000 users but also check Top users in every Time zone. I got to say that Greenland has more Twitter users than inhabitants! Webomatik is at 96th place right now.

There was much talk around blogosphere about using Twitter to generate income, but topic has to wait some other post.

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Sherry - 5 March 2009 at 05:23

my twitter still a long way to go to reach 1000.

oh I won your ad spot from mammadawg everglow party. I posted the contest at pls come my ad code at right bar. let me know when ad is up. thanks

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