How to stop losing customers for free

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If you are a webmaster, proud owner of several websites you already know how annoying can be situation when one of your precious sites are down and you find out about it day or two after the problem happened. Imagine how terrible it can be and how big negative impact can have such scenario if you are running a business via grounded website. Considering world economy crisis this is surely situation you want to avoid at any cost.

Well actually solution to this problem already exists and it's free. Meet Are my sites up? web service. This free service will give you an option to keep an eye on up to 20 sites at all times. Service checks your sites stunning 25 times per day and sends you unlimited notifications about it via e-mail, but maybe even better via SMS text message to your cell phone.

Use this service and you will stop losing your customers. Premium service also available. Another excellent idea.

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