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Every web software (read: service) tends to attract users with interesting free features, which are usually only small part of entire application. Sometimes that free feature is small, but some developers allow big portion of application to be available for zero bucks and that's main dish for Webomatik!

When it comes to drawing Diagrams online, our favorite so far is definitely Gliffy. This web 2.0 service allows you to create flowcharts, network diagrams, floor plans, org charts, UML diagrams (very useful) and many more.

free online drawing software preview

You are not able to save your work and download it onto your computer hard drive as free user, but you can sign up and you automatically get 30 days free trial ;) One great feature is to export your work as SVG vector file.

More on using Gliffy some other time. If you have experience with it, you can post about it on Webomatik, just contact.

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