Premium WordPress Template for Travelers

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It's not easy to update your blog when you travel a lot, right? Not any more. MyJourney WordPress Template is created specially for those who travel a lot and have desire to update friend and family with new photos and details about places and people you've discovered.

Using ExpressApp, iPhone application created by WooThemes you can update your blog from anywhere and even approve comments on the run! How cool is that?

This WordPress Template is extremely easy to install and it also works with Tumblr if you prefer it better. It has great Multimedia Support, SEO optimization features, custom fonts, jQuery navigation and many more useful options.

MyJourney Template is published just few days ago and it is exclusively available via ThemeForest. Design is awesome (that's why I'm presenting it here :), template is compatible with all major browsers and it is well documented.

It's really "fun on the run"!

When Programmers And Designers Work Together

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There are talented people with both coding and design skills. Those are, however, rare and very expensive. Often, you have to look for separate individuals who specialize in programming or design.

On the other hand, you may be that talented one and you can do entire project yourself, but if you are not (like me) maybe it's time for you to find your perfect match. If you are programmer and you need a designer for your game, website or next big application, make sure you check

Partnerships are international and one excellent thing about it is that you can browse projects by required knowledge.

What do you think?

HowTo quote any website using screenshots

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Best way to quote any web page using screenshot is using KWOUT, free online service. Without any delay here is example of using Kwout:

You may notice, this isn't just an image, it is working image map, which means links are live and clickable.

For best experience use bookmarklet available from Kwout homepage. There are few useful options. You can choose to post your quote on your website, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc. You can also add annotation using Any Canvas or Pixlr. You can also add video comment and allow other people to quote on your quote.

This service offers API which allows you to list all referers who quoted your website or blog.

Give Kwout a try and then answer this question: do you find Kwout useful and how would you use it, or how do you already use it?

Google Font Directory Growth Is Awesome

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Since its start Google Font Directory promised to help designers embed cool fonts in their web projects. They kept their promise and much more. Is there better place to securely store awesome fonts than Google? I think if Google fails, web will go down with it ...

Website and blogs created on top of numerous platforms can utilize expanding Directory library and there are many really cool examples out there. One of them is Intermezzo Business Joomla Template created by Tweencore, which uses Droid Sans font hosted on Google Font Directory.

Joomla Template preview

Recently Directory become searchable (new word!) by category and there are four categories right now: Cyrillic, Greek, Khmer and Latin. You can also browse fonts by popularity, alphabet and number of variants.