Achieve your goals and get free supporters with Goalmigo

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Homepage description says Goalmigo is a website that helps you achieve your goals. It will not lend you money or find you dream job. Instead Goalmigo will connect you with people who can become your supporters and sometimes support is only thing you need to achieve your goals.

There are over 2000 goals online right now. Some of them are achieved, some are still active. There are very different goals you can support like: reduce weight to 60 Kg, start learning java, exercise each day, know wines and cigars, learn Italian and get a certificate, work towards getting out of debt, become a better man for me and my family, have a net-worth of $1M by 55, earn $100,000 a year as a copywriter ...

You can even join groups like 2011 goals, writers who write, business startups and many others.

Charts are available to keep track of your progress as well as commenting system. One thing only bothers me, website is very slow.

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